ThinkGeek Original Gyroscope

Viva la old-fashioned science The earliest gyroscope-style instrument was written about in 1817 and electric motors in the 1860s lead to the first indefinitely spinning gyroscopes and the gyrocompass. Nowawdays, we've harnessed the power of... the gyroscope in our iPhones and gaming systems (Wii Motion Plus and Nintendo 3DS.) Oh... and airplanes use them. But you can't shouldn't play with airplanes. At least that's what our parole officer tells us. The toy gyroscope hit the market in 1917 and hasn't changed much since your grandparents (or great-grandparents!) played with one. This classic toy fascinates us with its gravity defying stunts, which are easy to learn with a bit of practice. Wind the string, pull it quickly, and the Original Gyroscope will start spinning. Want it to walk a tightrope? Balance on your hand or head? Tilt at impossible angles without falling? You can do it with the power of physics. Product Specifications WARNING: Choking hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 3 Recommended ages: 5+ Wind up the string, pull hard, and the Gyroscope will spin Do tricks like balancing, tilting at crazy angles, and walking a tightrope Includes: Gyroscope, starting string, pedestal, instructions for cool tricks Made in the USA Read More

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