ThinkGeek NERF Jolt Mini Blaster

It's like the Noisy Cricket of NERF! Get the Office War Ten Pack for an instant NERF office battle! One thing about office warfare: though a skirmish might have ended, the battle is never over. Ever. You should be armed at all times, just i...n case the battle suddenly resumes. That can be daunting, though, since most NERF guns are bulky. Don't worry - we've got you covered. Just get a NERF Jolt Mini Blaster or two to hide in your pocket and you'll always be armed and ready. The NERF Jolt Mini Blaster is a perfect just-in-case blaster. It's just slightly bigger than an adult hand, so it easily conceals anywhere - this also makes it a gorgeous stealth blaster. Just load an Elite dart in (it comes with two) and pull down the plunger. Though it's tiny, the NERF Jolt Mini Blaster will send that dart over 40 feet to your target. There's nothing more to be said other than if you value your skill in office warfare, you need at least three NERF Jolt Mini Blasters (one for each hand) on your person at all times. Good luck out there. NERF Jolt Mini Blaster A super tiny, super powerful NERF blaster. Easily hides in any pocket; even in the palm of your hand! Two Elite darts included. Shoots over 40 feet! Dimensions: approx. 5" x 4" x 1.25" (loaded, but not locked). Read More

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