ThinkGeek MLP Rainbow Dash Backpack

20% cooler than any other accessory One of the problems with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic being a television show is that they get to hug a lot on the show, but you never get hugs from them yourself. Until now. This Rainbow Dash back...pack is ready to hug all the hugging right out of you. In addition to her rainbow mane, her straps are rainbow, and she has elongated limbs for maximum hugging surface area. Dashie makes the perfect clubbing/night-out accessory. Her zippered pocket is just big enough to hold a wallet, phone, and keys. She ain't going to fit your textbooks and your laptop, and if she did, she'd look really weird, so we've made peace with that. P.S. Look, Fluttershy, Luna, and Rarity fans. Don't be sourponies. We didn't make it. We just picked it up to share the pony love! Product Specifications For Ages 13 years and up Super-Ultra-Extreme-Awesomazing MLP:FiM Rainbow Dash Backpack Officially-licensed My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic merchandise A great present in itself or "wrapping" for a present for anypony, especially your favorite brony Materials: 100% polyester Dimensions: 24" tall (ear to hoof), 18" wide (wingspan) Zippered pocket measures 5" x 5" - just enough for a wallet, keys, phone Adjustable straps extend to 35" Read More

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