ThinkGeek Darth Vader Stress Toy

Force-squeeze There is a dirty little secret amongst the Stormtroopers on the Death Star. One day, when Vader was off-site at a big important meeting with the Emperor, they all pooled their credits and bought a boxload of Vader Head Stress ...Balls. Now, when they're feeling the Force-pinch of stress, they can take it out on Vader's head... as long as he's not watching. You may not have a Sith Lord for a boss, but we'll bet you've got some stress in your life. Take it out on Vader, here. He's made of squishy rubbery material and is very satisfying to squeeze. Should you be Force adept, go ahead and squish him with the Force! Product Specifications Squeeze a Sith Lord to relieve stress Officially licensed Star Wars collectible Materials: Rubbery squishy Dimensions: About the size of a baseball Read More

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