ThinkGeek Bberii Taurus Smart TV Box

Your media server is here We're going to induce a flashback here in some of you. Remember when your computer hooked up to your TV? Your C64 or your Atari 800 or whatever? And you probably had an A/B splitter you'd flip for computer vs. Ahhh, yes. What would you say if we told you those days don't have to be in the past? No wait. Stop screaming! Come back! It's better this time. We promise! See, with the Taurus Smart TV Box, you can hook a quad core up to your HDTV and enjoy your computing on the big screen. Now you can stream TVs and movies from the Internet. But wait. There's more. Because the Gemini works off of the Android OS, you can install any Android app on your TV set. Gmail? YouTube? Facebook? Angry Birds? Check, check, check, and check. Most people are probably going to use the Taurus as a media server, but if you dig Android, this could theoretically function as your main computer. "Sure," we hear you saying, "The Taurus Smart TV Box gets me processing power, but what about my input devices? All I have is this TV remote, and what I rely on my computer for is the keyboard and mouse!" Well, check this out. The Taurus comes with a remote that flips over to reveal a QWERTY keyboard and air mouse. Quad core. QWERTY keyboard. What more do you want? Product Specifications Taurus Smart TV Box Chipset: Allwinner A31 Cortex A7 1GHz GPU: PowerVR 541 OS: Android 4.1.1 File System Support: FAT32/NTFS Memory: 2GB DDR3 NAND Flash: 8GB NAND Flash Power: 5V/1A Video and Audio Output: HDMI 1.4 /CVBS and VGA (optional) Ethernet: RJ45 100Mbps Wireless: Built-In 802.11 b/g/n USB: USB2.0 x 3 SATA: Seagate USM Dock Card Reader: SD/SDHC Install or APKs from Internet or USB Single button factory restore Includes Bberii Taurus Smart TV Quad Core Box, remote (Qwerty/AirMouse), IR remote receiver, HDMI cable, mini USB cable, power outlet adapter Read More

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