Thames & Kosmos Chem C1000 (2011 Edition) Beginner Chemistry Set

Features: Beginner chemistry set Start with an introduction to the field of chemistry and famous chemists Set up your lab space and learn how to safely handle the lab equipment and chemicals Learn about indicators with litmus solution and w...rite a secret message in invisible ink Test the inks from your colored markers on the chromatography racetrack to reveal their different color components Experiment with air pressure, surface tension, and the physical properties of fluids Experiment with two well-known metals, iron and copper Investigate carbon dioxide Dissolve metals with electrochemical reactions Explore water and its elements, saturated and unsaturated solutions, and crystals Split water into hydrogen and oxygen with electrolysis, and form oxygen from hydrogen peroxide Experiment with soaps, detergents, and emulsions of water and oil Investigate chemistry in the kitchen by experimenting with sugar, honey, starch, eggs and proteins, fatty acids, and calcium Begin to build a strong foundation in chemistry with exposure to a broad range of chemical phenomena and hands-on laboratory experiences Provides clear instructions for preparing Performing the experiments, offers safety advice, offers explanations for the observed occurrences Asks and answers questions about the results Thorough safety precautions and instructions ensure safe experimentation Professional quality equipment helps you make the most of your chemistry experiments 80 Pages Full-color experiment manual guides aspiring young chemists through each of the 75 experiments Ages 10 and up Read More

Thames & Kosmos
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Explore the invisible and amazing power of magnets with 33 engaging experiments and games. Identify which materials are magnetic a...nd which are not, discover how Earth behaves like one giant magnet, learn about magnetic poles and magnetic fields, observe how electricity relates to magnetism by building an electromagnet, and much more! Manufacturer's Suggested Age: 8 Years and UpGrade Level: 5th Grade, 4th Grade, 3rd GradeEducational Focus: Teaching Aid, ScienceFeatures: Multiple Levels of PlayNumber of Players: 1 PlayerNumber of Pieces: 16 Includes: Activity Guide, Instruction Guide, Experiment GuidePower Source: ManualMaterial: PlasticCare and Cleaning: Wipe Clean With a Dry ClothWarranty Description: 1 Year Limited Manufacturer WarrantyBattery: no battery usedAssembly Details: no assembly required Read More

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Build your own solar-powered models and discover how solar cells generate electricity from light. Build six solar powered models i...ncluding a locomotive, single-prop plane, bulldozer, helicopter, backhoe, and twin-rotor helicopter. The special solar panel in this kit consists of three solar cells and generates 1.5 volts of electricity in bright sunlight, like a AA battery. A unique cradle holds either the solar panel or the battery, allowing you to switch out the solar panel for a AA battery (not included), depending on the strength of sunlight. You can even use the solar panel to charge up your own rechargeable AA batteries. The solar panel is positionable, so you can maximize its exposure to the sun to generate the most power. The 24-page color instruction book included in this kit gives step-by-step instructions for assembling the six model vehicles. After you have built the suggested models, you can design your own solar vehicles. Compete with your friends to see whose solar vehicle runs the fastest! The 177 building pieces included in this set are compatible with those in all Thames and Kosmos Construction Series kits, Physics Series kits, Wind Power, and Hydropower kits. Recommended Ages: 8 years and Up Dimensions: 14.6in length x 11.5in width x 3.1in height Weight: 2lb Read More

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Discover the science of living things with this complete introductory microscope kit. The beautifully illustrated experiment manua...l guides you through observations of many living specimens found in and around your home: onion cells, pond water, chloroplasts, plant stem cross sections, microorganisms, mouth cells, meat cells, different types of hair and fur, dust mites, bugs, pollen in honey, and much more. See how an onion cell shrivels and how an earthworm wiggles. Analyze the differences between the hair on your head and the sheeps hair in your wool sweater. The kit includes three prepared specimens on a slide, four blank slides, cover slips, tweezers, needle, section slicing tool, and vial. Learn how to use these tools to prepare slides and how to use the microscope to examine them. Investigate how the lenses in a microscope bend light to magnify images. The ocular lens, or eyepiece lens, of the microscope has an adjustable 12x to 18x magnification power. When combined with the three objective lenses, this results in a total magnification power of 96x to 750x. It has a battery-powered light and a mirror to light up the specimens. The full-color, 32-page manual covers microscope setup, usage, and many fascinating observations of biological specimens. Dimensions: 16.8in length x 11.5in width x 3.2in height Weight: 1.4lb Read More

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Splash into science with this experiment kit designed specifically for use in the bathtub, kitchen sink, or backyard kiddie pool! ...Try nine fun experiments with water to learn about the properties of water, water pressure, buoyancy, surface tension, and more. Build a boat, a tiny waterwheel, soapy spinning disks, and communicating vessels. The experiment manual is printed on waterproof plastic cards instead of paper. Dimensions: 8.09in length x 2.2in width x 5.09in height Read More

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Grow phosphorescent crystals that glow in the dark! Experiment with growing crystals of different sizes. Learn about why crystals ...form, what crystal lattice structure is, and what makes these crystals glow. Recommended Ages:8 ? 15 Dimensions: 8.1in length x 2.2in width x 5.1in height Weight: 0.5lb Read More

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Kick off a chain reaction of fun-filled experiments with this introductory chemistry set designed specifically for young kids. Jun...ior chemists can safely explore simple chemistry using the tools in this kit and common household substances from the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. Learn how to use basic chemistry equipment such as filters, test tubes, pipettes, and measuring spoons, and beakers. Make your own test tube racks out of plaster and learn about the chemical reaction that formed them. Conduct experiments to identify different chemicals using reactions, heat, evaporation, and crystallization. Examine the composition of inks and dyes with chromatography experiments, where colors magically separate from one another on a filter paper disk. Explore the properties of water, soaps, and oils. Experiment with acids and bases using indicators (pH strips and cabbage juice) to identify them. Make fizzy reactions with acids and bases to dissolve shells and inflate balloons. Discover the invisible gas carbon dioxide and its very visible effects. The full-color, 48-page manual guides inquisitive young chemists and their adult supervisors through safely conducting each of the 25 experiments. Read More

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Discover how fascinating the world is when you understand the remarkable reactions behind ordinary occurrences. CHEM C2000 include...s everything in CHEM C1000 and more ? with twice the tools and materials, and more than three times the experiments. Most notably, this kit introduces you to the alcohol burner for experiments that require heat, greatly expanding the number of experiments you can conduct. Experiment with filtering and separating mixtures, combustion, and electrochemical reactions. Learn how to work with indicators and stronger acids and bases. Explore elements and compounds, including the chemical and physical properties of water, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. Discover atoms and molecules. Inspect soaps and household cleaners. Experiment with various foods from the kitchen to learn about sugars, fats, and proteins. Investigate metals such as iron, copper, and aluminum. Learn about how chemistry is used in environmental protection and industry. After completing CHEM C2000, you will have experienced firsthand the most important topics in chemistry, creating an excellent foundation for later study of chemical equations and atomic structure. The 128-page, full-color manual guides aspiring young chemists through 250 experiments. The manual provides clear instructions for preparing and performing the experiments and explains the results. Thorough safety precautions and instructions ensure safe experimentation. Professional quality equipment helps you make the most of your chemistry experiments. Recommended Ages:11 ? 15 Weight: 12.75 lb Read More

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Explore the exciting science of electrochemistry with this fun electric lab. Build a battery that produces electricity from lemon ...juice. Use the battery to power a digital clock with LCD display. Experiment with using other acids, such as cola or even salty water, to power your clock. Learn the basics of electricity, electrochemical reactions, batteries, and conductors and insulators. Dimensions: 8.09in length x 2.2in width x 5.09in height Read More

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Last century, the effort to put humans on the moon inspired a whole generation of scientists and engineers. More recently, we have... been captivated by new discoveries made by robots on Mars. Our internet, GPS maps, and telecommunications networks all depend on satellites. Whether youre putting humans on the moon, robots on Mars, or satellites in orbit, you need rockets built by rocket scientists. This kit is, in fact, rocket science. But that doesnt mean its difficult or boring! Physics comes alive in this action-packed series of experiments centered around a specially-designed stomp-on rocket launcher with three foam rockets. Launch water- and air-powered rockets to learn about action and reaction forces. Build a balloon-propelled rocket, boat, and race car. Play a game to try to hit target planets with the foam rockets. Explore the physical principles of gravity and inertia. Learn about air pressure. Read up on the different vehicles humans have used to escape Earths gravitational pull. Dimensions: 13.1in length x 8.9in width x 2.6in height Weight: 1.3lb Read More

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Build a working hovercraft that glides across smooth floors or flat water on a cushion of air. Learn how even though air is invisi...ble, it still has mass and can support very heavy objects under the right circumstances. Experiment with propellers and impellers to learn about air pressure and air flow. The models in this kit use a unique blower motor and a safe, soft-bladed fan to drive a series of models. The blower motor uses an impeller to increase the air pressure under the hovercraft. The fan creates a stream of air to push the vehicle forward. Using these components, you can build and investigate the hovercraft and other machines that rely on air and air pressure to function. Construct a batting machine that tosses a ball upward on a stream of air. Assemble a basketball launcher and practice shooting hoops with air power. Make a fan-driven car that drives forward, propelled by a stream of air. Experiment to see how much weight your hovercraft can support. Full-color, 32-page experiment manual. 59 building pieces. Dimensions: 16.8in length x 11.5in width x 3.2in height Read More

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All the sporty ATV styling of the Lil' Quad? mixed with all the fun of Disney Princesses! It features Disney Princess graphics and... colors, built-in footrests and a cute cargo rack on the back. Designed especially for toddlers, it has easy push-button operation for simple stop and go. And it rides low, so it's easy for little ones to get on and off by themselves. It's as sturdy as it looks and just as much fun to drive! [Age grade] 12 - 36 Months. Features:Toddler friendly Built-in footrests for a safe, comfortable ride Push-button operation for easy stop and go Drives on hard surfaces and grass 2 mph (3.2 km/h) max. forward only Weight limit: 40 lbs Includes 6-volt battery and charger Power Wheels collection 1 Year manufacturer warranty limited Read More

Sunny Wood
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Introducing the WonkaWoo Toys Speeder...your toddler will be rolling around in style! This speeder is one of the largest ones on t...he market so you will get more bang for your buck. A great ride-on-racer for all those little drivers out there. The front wheel base is 13'' across which provides a nice stable ride. The steering wheel actually swivels and allows for your child to make wide safe turns. The Speeder also includes a comfortable seat, a real gas cap fixture and big rubber wheels with hub caps! In less than 15 minutes your racer will be hitting the street. Don't delay..get yours today...your child will thank you! Features:Actual working steering column Comfortable Seat Ages 1 - 3 years and up to 42 lbs Read More

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Features:Tip and ferrule: 13 mm black phenolic tip and ferrule combination 10'' - 12'' pro taper Brass insert Joints: Wood to wood... with quick release pin Collar and rings: None at shaft, at jump break joint: black composite with a set of silver rings Rosewood points, quick release jump break joint Butt plate and bumper: Black composite with gold action logo and black rubber bumper Available in 18, 19, 20, and 21 oz Color: Rosewood Action Hustlers and Break Jumps collection Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: 1.5 Pounds Read More

Arrow Sewing
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Features:Sewing table Center needle sewing Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 30 Inches Overall Width - Side to Side: 60....25 Inches Overall Depth - Front to Back: 20 Inches Overall Product Weight: 86 Pounds Read More

Arrow Sewing
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Our Marilyn cabinet has a durable design with composite construction and wood grain laminates. Sew in any position you want. The E...Z-lift air mechanism allows you to sew flatbed, freearm at any height and stores machine effortlessly. Your new cabinet will accommodate machines up to 9-1/2" front to back by18-1/2" wide by 13-1/8" tall. Fold out leaves provide additional work surface and are supported by sturdy snag-frr hinges and leaf support. Your cabinet has casters for greater portability and stability when locked. You'll find plenty of room with four drawers, four notions trays and a conveniently recessed compartment on the top work surface. Available in elegant cherry, classic oak and crisp white laminates to complement any decor. Needed for assembly: Screwdriver, mallet, wrench, step-by-step instructions, 2+ hours. Assembly video can be viewed at or call our toll-free help line. Read more Features:Sewing cabinet Snag free hinges Locking casters Fold out leaves for additional work area Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 31.5 Inches Overall Width - Side to Side: 71.5 Inches Overall Depth - Front to Back: 19.75 Inches Overall Product Weight: 117 Pounds Read More

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Features:Alabaster chess and checkers chest Material: Inlaid wood chest Board basic: Blue / White Dimensions: Overall Height - Top... to Bottom: 2 Inches Overall Width - Side to Side: 13.5 Inches Overall Depth - Front to Back: 13.5 Inches Overall Product Weight: 11 Pounds Read More

Worldwise Imports
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Features:French chess set Material: Sheesham / boxwood Weighted / felted: Walnut / maple inlaid wide frame veneer board 1.75'' Squ...are Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 3 Inches Overall Width - Side to Side: 15 Inches Overall Depth - Front to Back: 15 Inches Overall Product Weight: 5 Pounds Read More

Wild Zoo Furniture
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The sturdy Playtable has a tough laminated finish with dent resistant edge banding and solid wood legs. Designed to be strong and ...durable for toddlers and kids 15 months and up. Features:Play table Locally sourced materials Attached seats ISTA 3A certified Made in USA Surface color: Maple Non-toxic finishes Manufacturer provides 3 months warranty Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: 25 Pounds Read More

Worldwise Imports
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Features:Russian chess set Material: Boxwood Weighted / felted: Black / Maple basic board 1.75'' Square Color: Black / Gatural Dim...ensions: Overall Width - Side to Side: 14 Inches Overall Depth - Front to Back: 14 Inches Overall Product Weight: 5 Pounds Read More

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Feature: Features:Chess set Old Russian Rosewood double board Inlaid frame 2'' square Color: Ebony / Birdseye Maple Dimensions: Ov...erall Width - Side to Side: 20.5 Inches Overall Depth - Front to Back: 20.5 Inches Overall Product Weight: 8 Pounds Read More

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