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Taylor Health & Skin Care

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Measures: Muscle mass, Bone Mineral and Body Fat + Weight! Body Fate and Water: Measures body fat and water to the 0.1% with BIA t...echnology Muscle and Bone Mineral Mass: Measures bone mineral mass and muscle mass for a complete body composition review Athlete Mode: Specific option for highly fit individuals Scale Only Mode: High capacity up to 440lb in 0.2 lb increments Memory: Stores data for up to four people Simple to use. Programming prompts guide you effortlessly through entering data into your individual memory. Then... just remove footwear and step onto platform. View your body fat percentage, accurate to 0.1%... your body weight, accurate to 4401l/200kg... and a graph that assesses your body fat level, within a range of low/normal/high. Body Water levels. Measures body water hydration to the 0.1% Fast and Accurate. BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis) technology precisely calculates both your total body weight and body fat percentage simultaneously, by sending a harmless signal through the fat and muscle in the body. This breakthrough method translates its analysis into easy-to-understand information, which is displayed on the digital readout in about ten seconds. Athlete Mode. The BIA method of measuring body fat can overestimate the body fat of elite and professional athletes due to their bone density, muscle mass, and level of hydration. The athlete mode takes this into consideration, and alters the translation of the signal to the software. Elite athletes are defined as those who train consistently 6-10 hours per week, at 2 hours each occurrence. Precise Measurement is our business: Since Taylor was founded by George Taylor in 1851, our motto was and has remained: Accuracy First. Taylor offers the most accurate, dependable and well-designed products based on our company philosophy and heritage. Whether in our full line of thermometers or bathroom scales, we focus on the demands of the consumer. We have been in the precise measurement business for over 150 years... Which is why Taylor is the brand you can trust. Taylor Precision: 150 Years of Accuracy since 1851? Operates on 2 long life lithium batteries (included) Model #5599 Due to continuous product improvements, the picture on the carton may differ slightly from the actual product Made to our exact specifications in China Read More

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Features: Bath scale Digital scale with extra thick 10mm high-tempered glass platform UV glue attaches load cells to glass Super h...igh capacity up to 440lb/200kg in 0.2lb/0.1kg increments Large 1.5" LCD readout with Accu-Glo blue backlit display Includes 2 AAA batteries Manufacture provides five year warranty Overall dimensions: 2.88" H x 14.13" W x 14.42" D Read More

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