Swanson Stomach Defense Essentials 60 Caps

Stomach Defense Essentials 60 Caps - The key to a healthy and comfortable stomach is maintaining the mucosal lining that protects the walls. With Swanson Condition Stomach Defense Essentials, we combined the most commonly used stomach-frien...dly nutrients with state-of-the-art PepZinGI (chelated zinc-carnosine) which is key to stimulating the production of mucus in the stomach. Stomach Defense Essentials goes beyond standard single-ingredient supplements to provide a complete approach to stomach care that addresses both your immediate and long-term needs for optimal health and function. Combining ingredients such as ComfortEze, ColostruMune, Aloe Vera and PepZin GI these top shelf ingredients create one of the most complete and comprehensive supplements available for gastrointestinal health. Read More

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