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Emile Henry
$99.96 $129.95 at Sur La Table

The best tagine we’ve tested, crafted of clay, which is ideal for Moroccan cooking and other dishes. Unique flame-top clay browns ...and slow cooks food beautifully, and can be used with electric, gas and halogen stovetops and ovens (up to 500°F). Safe for microwave, broiler and dishwasher. 12½" tall, 8½". diam; 2.6-qt. capacity. DELICIOUS COOKING ADVENTURES AWAIT Take your family on a world culinary tour, stopping to sample the exotic flavors, delicious vegetables and fall-off-the-bone meats cooked in this four-serving ceramic tagine. Over 150 years of Emile Henry craftsmanship go into the manufacturing of this colorful Middle Eastern marvel, fired for durability. The unique lid facilitates self-basting for a flavor you won’t soon forget. TAGINE 101 A tagine is a special dish designed for foods such as chicken that benefit from both a clay dish that insulates and slowly cooks and is made tender by steam. The lid, shaped like a pointed hat, allows the steam to circulate above and around the contents while cooking, thus infusing the dish with flavor and tenderness. FLAME TOP FROM EMILE HENRY Created by the masters of Burgundy clay comes this new ceramic technology for cooking on the stove or in the oven. It keeps food hot longer, is easy to clean and is dishwasher-safe. Provides gently even heat distribution; coaxes out the natural flavors of the food and maintains natural textures and colors, results in better tasting dishes. Plus, it’s lightweight and easy to handle —up to 30% lighter than cast iron. EXCEPTIONAL HEAT CONDUCTIVITY The footed bases allow for even heat diffusion. And this ceramic is strong enough to be heated to extremely high temperatures for searing. Manufactured in France from Burgundy Clay and other natural products, Emile Henry Flame Top products work on all types of stove tops: gas, electricity, halogen, and all types of barbeque Grills. And works beautifully on all types of ovens: traditional, convection, and microwave. INDUCTION ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE With the use of Emile Henry’s special induction disk (purchased separately), the Emile Henry Flame products can be used for induction stovetops (excluding the Pizza Stone and Grilling/Baking Stone). Read More

Emile Henry
$99.95 $130.00 at Sur La Table

Emile Henry’s flame top fondue pot handles the high heat needed for mixing and melting, and retains heat for gently diffusing it w...hile at use on the table. You’ll love the flexibility this fondue pot provides, thanks to its extremely durable construction. You can start your recipes on the stove or in the oven if you prefer and once your recipe is prepared, it can be kept warm on the stand at the table. An added plus is the pot alone can be used as a saucepan on the oven or grill for any recipe of your choosing. WORKS ON ANY HEAT SOURCE Cook over the included heating base— or use it on halogen, electric and gas stoves as well as in the microwave or the oven up to 500°F. BUILT TO LAST Handcrafted from Burgundian clay, it is highly resistant to breakage, crazing and cracking. Includes six wrought-iron forks, stand and burner. One-quart capacity. Dishwasher safe. Made in France. 7½" tall including stand, 8¾" diam. Read More

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