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Babies are itty-bitty bite-sized people who donGt need a lot of space for any of their daily activities, whether itGs sleeping or ...bathing. That means, however, that your grown-up-sized bathtub is ill-suited for babyGs baths, and heGs going to need his own mini-tub G which means youGve got yet another baby item to store. The Stokke Flexi Bath is a flexible baby bathing solution: this handy baby bathtub folds for storage, and it can adapt to provide happy and comfortable bathtimes for kids from the time theyGre born right up through the preschool years! Just add the Newborn Support (sold separately), and it supports your newbornGs body properly so your hands are free to get him all sudsy (and his little legs are free to kick and splash). Read More

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It can be tough to relax and enjoy giving your baby a bath, given that new parents tend to be nervous and wet babies are wriggly a...nd slippery. A quality baby bathtub like the Flexi Bath from Stokke makes it so much easier, but weGd suggest adding one more key accessory: the Stokke Flexi Bath Newborn Support . The Newborn Support hooks securely onto the edge of your Flexi Bath baby bathtub, and the other end of the support rests on little feet on the tub floor. ItGs shaped like a gently curved wedge, and holds your baby in a comfortable, ergonomic position that combines support with freedom of motion, leaving little legs free to kick and splash. Because your baby is properly supported, you have both hands free to get baby all sudsed up, and because heGs not sliding around, you can relax and enjoy a pleasant bonding experience. Use your Flexi Bath Newborn Support when youGre bathing infants from birth through about 6 months of age, or up to 17 pounds. Read More

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