Steve Jackson Games Munchkin Zombies Meat Lockers Card Game

SJG5538 Munchkin - Card Boxes: Zombies Meat Locker by Steve Jackson Games

Where do zombies store those tasty, tasty brains? Right here! The Munchkin Zombies Meat Lockers are sturdy cardboard boxes, one for Doors and one for Trea...sures, big enough to hold 500 Munchkin cards apiece!

Bonus: This set includes two new Munchkin Zombies cards! Mmmm . . . more brains!

Note: This is not a complete game and requires the base game to play.
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High Quality and super powerful magnet Fun & educational Truly easy & simple to use

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Welcome to Utopia, the futuristic brainteaser from Popular Playthings. Your goal is to build a cityscape model using the included ...base and skyscraper game pieces. You won't have to worry about building codes or permits, but you will have to use logic to place all 16 skyscrapers on their correct building pads. Get it right, and you can run for mayor. Make a mistake, and you'll have to call in a demolition team. The game comes with 50 cityscape challenges to solve, each one with 2 phases. Phase 1 is similar to Sudoku. In Phase 2, you must use more logic and reasoning skills. Challenges in each phase start out easy and increase in difficulty. There's no need to panic if you get stumped. Each challenge card provides hints and solutions to the puzzle. Includes Utopia Base, 16 buildings, 50 challenge cards and instruction booklet. For age 8 and up. Popular Playthings provides award-winning toys that encourage learning, creativity, social interaction, and good old basic fun. Read More

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<p><b>BePuzzled Hanayama Enigma Puzzle - Level 6</b></p><p>This is without a doubt among the most difficult of all puzzle braintea...sers. And Hanayama should know. Puzzle inventor Eldon Vaughn brought this Enigma to Hanayama, the world-renowned cast metal brainteaser puzzle company and now it's time to introduce you to its multiple curves and challenge your puzzle skills. University Games was founded by Bob Moog and Cris Lehman, who recognized a developing niche in social interaction and learning games for adults and children. University Games creates educational board games designed so that players won't notice how much they are learning. </p><ul><li>Product Dimensions: 4.8 (L) x 3 (W) x 1.8 (H)</li><li>Age: 3 years and up</li></ul> Read More

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Click 'N Play Interactive Toy Set. Click 'N Play is a unique buildable, movable, transforming, interactive toy set. Imagination & ...Originality Children can make hundreds of different sets of creatures with this transforming kit. This will develop their imaginations and and sense of originality while having fun! Intellect & Skills Through the construction and deconstruction process, children feel a sense of accomplishment. This simple and fun exercise is great for developing both sides of the brain and improving children's level of observation and analytical thinking. Spatial perception While combining the modules to create different 3D animal structures, children will develop better spatial perception and sense of modeling skills. Creativity & Concentration This product can help improve a child's imagination and creativity. The brain activity associated with constructing different animals helps children to develop strong concentration skills. Materials: Wood. Dimensions Raneg From: 6.3" - 10.6"L x 2.4" - 3.2"W x 3.9" - 6.7"H; Weight: 1.3 lbs Read More

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To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the now acclaimed game Logix (and its successor Meta-Forms), we returned to our secret kitche...n and baked Smart Cookies! 64 fresh, brain boosting logic puzzles offered in an enticing cookie format. We've tweaked our recipe to further challenge developing young minds that will eagerly snack on these delicious puzzles. Players use logic clues to place 9 cookies on the playing tray. As players progress through the gradually evolving levels of deductive logic, they develop and strengthen their reasoning skills and verbal expression. A great calorie-free treat for the mind! "Smart Cookies challenges players to reason logically and systematically while having fun. These are skills that are essential for learning most subjects. The puzzles use visual clues and an appealing cookies design to guide players to advance at their own pace and explore logic concepts that are gradually more challenging." Jon R. Star Ph.D. Graduate School of Education, Harvard University Contents: 9 cookies (in 3 shapes and 3 flavors/colors) 1 playing board 1 booklet that includes 64 puzzles and their solutions How to play instruction booklet 10 Best Educational Game 2013 - Dr. Toy - USA Read More

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