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Squinkies are small, squishy collectible toys that come in a plastic egg container. They're smaller than an inch and intended for ages 4 to 11. They come in many different sets organized according to themes such as pets, teatimes, Disney princesses, and action heroes. 

Along w... Read Moreith the collectible toys, Squinkies sells accessories that encourage imaginative play. The Gumball Surprize! Playhouse, for example, is a coin-operated playhouse that comes with many characters, including a Squinkie baby, goldfish, and dog; all the squishy characters go back in the bubble when kids are done playing. The Puppy Carrier Surprize! Sparkle Case comes with three Squinkie puppies that kids can take anywhere.

Squinkies also makes many games that incorporate the little creatures: Match, Puzzle, Pool, Chains, Paint, among others. There are more than 250 Squinkies for kids to collect. 
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