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Gamma Tennis Balls

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Gamma Quick Kids 78 Green Tennis BallsThe Gamma Quick Kids 78 Ball is USTA Approved for 10 and Under Tennis tournament play. Ideal... for Ages 11+ and adult beginners on a 78 court with the 10 and Under Tennis or Tennis 10's format. 25 percent slower speed than a standard tennis ball. Two-tone felt helps to learn and practice spin.Features:25% reduced speed Learning aid for consistent hits and better control Meets ITF Stage 1 specifications Lower bounce and compression Softer than standard yellow tennis balls Read More

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GAMMA Quick Kids 36 tennis balls are designed for kids learning to play tennis on a 36 foot court, short court or driveway. These ...balls are larger and softer than standard yellow tennis balls, with a lower bounce (-75 percent), making it easier for kids to hit the ball consistently. Quick Kids 36 tennis balls conform to the USTA QuickStart Tennis format and ITF Stage 3 standards. Read More

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GAMMA Quick Kids 60 Balls (prev. First Set Balls) are low compression, medium bounce soft training tennis balls designed for begin...ners. The slower ball speed provides more time to react and set up each shot for more consistency and control when learning. The softer feel makes learning more fun for children who may fear harder regulation balls. Quick Kids 60 Balls conform to the USTA QuickStart Tennis format standard for ORANGE tennis balls on a 60' court. ITF Stage 2 specification. Read More

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