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Finis Pool Toys

$104.99 at Sears

If I could only see what I am doing I could fix my stroke! Sound familiar? Well, now swimmers truly can watch themselves swim and ...see what the coaches see. Whether it is correcting body position, making adjustments in the timing of one s stroke recovery, or simply perfecting one s hand entry, the FINIS Swim Mirrors provides instantaneous visual feedback to help improve a swimmer s technique in all four strokes. Swim mirrors are not a new concept. Doc Counsilman wrote about them in the 1960 s and the 1984 USA Olympic Swim Team used swim mirrors as a training device in preparation for that year s Games. However, prior efforts to create a fully functional and easy operating swim mirror have been unsuccessful. Whether the limitations are due to safety, convenience, or simply affordability, attempts to make the idea a thriving reality proved more difficult than expected. Until now. By addressing the projects past obstacles, FINIS was able to find a solution. Read More

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