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Finis Swim Paddles

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The design of the FINIS agility paddles teaches swimmers how to correctly position your hands with each stroke. Hand paddles with... an ergonomically advanced design. - Strapless paddles are more comfortable. - If the technique is wrong, the paddle will fall off. - Convex design helps with early catch and keeps an early vertical forearm position. - Works for all 4 different stroke styles. - Fits most hand sizes even narrow. - Thumbhole: keeps the thumb and fingers in an ideal position. - Durable and easier since you don't have to worry about fixing broken straps. - No straps means better circulation. Imported. Read More

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The Bolster Paddle is designed to help swimmers put their wrist and elbow in the correct swimming position for all four competitiv...e strokes. The unique paddle locks the wrist and forces the swimmer to develop a forearm dominant stroke. By keeping the wrist from bending, the swimmer learns to hold the elbow up and in position to provide more propulsion through their stroke.Features and Benefits:Unique Wrist Extension keeps the wrist from bending so that the elbow and forearm are in the optimal swimming position. Applicable to all four competitive strokesAdjustable Velcro Straps lock the wrist in place and works for a variety of wrist sizesExtended Paddle Surface Area provides resistance in the water so that the swimmer builds correct upper-body strength while using the Bolster in their workouts Read More

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The Freestyler Paddle is a patented hand paddle designed to improve technique specifically for the freestyle stroke. Unlike generations of hand paddles, the Freestyler is not designed for resistance and strength training, but applies a hydrodynamic shape to decrease resistance through the water, thereby improving reach and distance per stroke. The Freestyler's unique shape and 'skeg' design forces streamlined hand entry which lengthens each arm stroke. A longer stroke creates a better pull through, a better hip-rotation, and ultimately increases performance.Features and Benefits Small, Steamlined Shape decreases resistance through the water in order to improve reach and distance-per-stroke Patented 'Skeg' Along Underneath of Paddle creates a gliding effect in the front of each Freestyle pull, which in turn elongates the entire stroke cycle. Cut Out Wrist Shape helps eliminate stress on shoulders and prevent injuries Flexible Rubber Tubing straps to fingers to lock paddle in placeThe Junior version of the Fresstyler is designed for anyone with smaller hands. Read More

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The Agility Paddles strapless design effortlessly teaches swimmers the correct palm positive position for every stroke. The ergono...mically advanced design of the Agility Paddles helps teach swimmers the correct palm positive hand position. Due to the paddles strapless design, incorrect technique will cause the paddle to fall off the swimmer?s hand. The Agility Paddles? convex design also promotes an early catch and reminds the swimmer to maintain an early vertical forearm position. This versatile paddle works for all four strokes and accommodates most hand sizes. Not only are the Agility Paddles durable, but the absence of straps makes them more comfortable for the swimmers and easier for coaches, who no longer have to hassle with broken straps during practice. Palm Positive: Paddle will remain in place if swimmer maintains early vertical forearm position Strapless Design: Ergonomic shape is designed to fit the natural contour of the hand Promotes Early Catch: Convex design encourages paddle to have increased traction with the water All Four Swim Strokes: Versatile paddle works for freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly Lateral Side Contours: Accommodates most hand sizes including narrow hands Comfortable Thumb Hole: Creates proper hand placement with thumb and fingers in ideal position Easy for Coaches: No more broken straps or looking for replacements during practice Durable Design: No pieces to loose or break Improved Circulation: No straps to cut off circulation of hands and wrist Item: 5910-105145 Read More

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