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Sector 9
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The mid-range cruiser in the Fundamental series, the Wedge has a little longer wheelbase for the bigger riders, while still stayin...g true to the mini feel. Read More

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This retro board gives you the shape and feel of an old school pool board with retro rails and polyurethane wheels. The durable and old school hangers will hold up to your shredding wherever you ride. Read More

$53.02 at Amazon

7-Ply laminated Canadian Maple blend with double kick tail and grip tape. Labeda XXX Pro Truck with Pro Lift cushions. 52mm x 36mm... Labeda FORCE wheels. Bevo ABEC-7 bearings. Read More

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Darkstar complete skateboard in size 7.6 has a 7 Ply Hard Rock Maple with our exclusive Stiff Glue Extra. The new and improved ure...thane formula and 95A Durometer wheels are perfect hardness, suitable for both street and park skating. Read More

ZtuntZ Skateboards
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University of Miami Hurricanes "Sebastian the Ibis" Glider Drop-Through Longboard Deck 10"W x 38"L - 29" WB is designed to give th...e stoke you want to get around town and the Campus. Perfect concave for Downhill, Sliding, Freestyle and Cruising. ztuntz Quality and Value you can Feel. Read More

$53.99 at Amazon

We're taking it back. way back. back to the days when disco was king and plastic banana boards were all people wanted to get their... hands on. What's so great about plastic you say? I'm glad you asked! Plastic is tough, durable, lightweight and resistant to corrosion. Your delaminating days are over-which means more money in your pocket. Whether you're cruising down the boardwalk enjoying the cool ocean breeze or busting some sick tricks at your local skate park, now you can enjoy your board for years to come! We're also throwing in some sweet accessories to help you relive the 70s skater experience. Read More

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The Mini Swallowtail Longboard from Kryptonics offers the best of a cruiser and a longboard in one package. The large deck provide...s plenty of area to control the board while the heavy duty trucks helps make tight turns on the solid 62mm PU wheels. Read More

Natural Current
$89.00 at Amazon

Subskate Savior Water Skateboard is the most buoyant and sink free floating Subskate Savior Water Skateboard in the World for wate...r environments. The Subskate Savior Water Skateboard is made in the USA. Read More

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The Lipstick longboard is our glamorous tribute to Hollywood's Sunset boulevard. A perfect pair to the Bomb pop, don't kiss and te...ll. Read More

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Named after the famed winged horse from Greek mythology, the Osprey Pegasus Twin Tip Longboard has been made using a combination o...f 7Ply Canadian maple. Maneuverability is provided by PU cushions sandwiched between the maple longboard deck and durable base and trucks. Another awesome feature is the ABEC-9 chrome bearings used in the wheel design which reduces friction for a quicker and smoother ride. Read More

Retro Boards
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22"in Neon Colors PP material deck,6045mm PU solid color wheels,3.25"in aluminum heavy duty trucks,Abec-7 carbon bearing,PU cushio...n. Read More

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Skate One has been engineering, manufacturing and distributing high quality skateboard products for over thirty-five years.

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What you're looking at is a Punked Stained Pintail Longboard. The pintail teardrop-shaped deck is the most suitable for beginners.... The shape prevents the wheel from contacting with the board while still providing ample footspace. Pintails also make excellent campus cruisers. Read More

$20.87 at Amazon

A great kids beginner wood cruiser skateboard. This complete board features a full color graphics on the top and bottom and PVC wh...eels. Read More

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The 27" Cruiser board from Kryptonics is a 9ply maple deck with a slight concave for a great feel under your feet. This board come...s complete with 5" heavy-duty aluminum trucks to withstand thrashing. Read More

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An entry level board with features that set it apart from the rest. The improved shape is made of 9ply maple and has a deeper conc...ave and a double kicktail for superior ride and control. The DS40 boards are tested and approved by the Darkstar team and ready to abuse. Read More

$72.37 at Amazon

Skate One has been engineering, manufacturing and distributing high quality skateboard products for over thirty-five years.

Remember Collective
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The Night Owl is the perfect commuter board. 8 ply Great Lakes maple featuring a camber concave and fully functioning kick tail will let you get from point A to point B with ease. This pintail is 9" across at it's widest point, and tapers towards the tail. Total length is 38" so there's plenty of real estate to cruise in any stance. The Night Owl graphic is elegant and smooth. Inspired by popular designer patterns, you can skate through the night (or day) in style. This board will give you everything you ask it for (Genie not included). Read More

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Duster-S Moto Black 37 Longboard. Full top grip tape with print, Slant 6.0 trucks and Abec 7 bearings.

ZtuntZ Skateboards
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The ztuntz Double Z USA Shield Drop-Through Longboard Deck 9"W x 36"L - 28" WB is designed to give the stoke you want to get aroun...d town. Perfect Flex for Downhill, Sliding, Freestyle and Cruising. Read More

Retro Boards
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41"in 7-layer Canadian maple Cut Out Deck,7" painted aluminum trucks,7042mm PU wheels abec-7 bearing, print on bottom grip tape on... top. Read More

$19.04 at Amazon

This skateboard features a 17" X 5" maple deck, Double sided heat transfer graphic, Clear sand anti-slip grip on top of deck, 3.5"... plastic trucks and base, 608Z bearings, 50mm x 30mm wheels, PVC cushion Complies with Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) of 2008 HR4040 testing safety standards and Formaldehyde free on wood. Read More

Skate Designs
$141.90 at Amazon

The Skate Designs Stinger 30 is a nimble and surfy retro boardwalk cruiser perfect for getting to wherever you need to get. The 7 ...ply Hard Rock maple construction is strong and light, and the swallow tail will get you off the ground and over obstacles with extra style. Read More

$58.99 at Amazon

Birdhouse Skateboards is owned by skateboard legend, Tony Hawk. This skateboard is pre built with a deck made of high quality Cana...dian maple wood, high quality urethane wheels, abec 7 bearings and it comes with a warranty against defects. Read More

Retro Boards
$44.78 at Amazon

22"in TPU Printed PP material deck,6045mm PU solid color wheels,3.25"in aluminum heavy duty trucks,Abec-3 carbon bearing,PU cushio...n. Read More

$69.99 at Amazon

40" Classic Longboard with beautiful Artisan Crafted Bamboo and Maple deck, original Abstract Graphic by noted Artist "Killer Gee"..., rugged 7" inverted Kingpin aluminum trucks and durable 70mm PU wheels. All specs are "Pro Quality" not the toy boards that use composite wood and cheap plastic wheels. This Killer Longboard will turn heads wherever you go. It has classic styling with a pintail template to remind you of skating's surfing roots. It's great for cruizin' Main Street or showing your style along the boardwalk. Top quality components ensure maximum durability and optimal performance. The name sez it all this board is Epic. Read More

Penny Skateboards
$72.20 at Amazon

Each Penny Skateboard is built with the highest quality raw materials and fanatical attention to detail. Penny Skateboards are des...igned and built to look good, perform well, and exceed all your expectations. Penny Skateboards, since forever. Read More

Retro Boards
$37.91 at Amazon

22"in Pastel Colors PP material deck,6045mm PU solid color wheels,3.25"in aluminum heavy duty trucks,Abec-3 carbon bearing,PU cush...ion. Read More

$129.95 at Amazon

High-end performance driven components, hand selected and rigorously tested for the perfect consistency. Impact Support carbon technology, Tensor magnesium trucks and performance urethane make this a prime pick. Read More

Retro Boards
$40.88 at Amazon

22"in Glow in dark PP material deck,6045mm PU solid color wheels,3.25"in aluminum heavy duty trucks,Abec-3 carbon bearing,PU cushi...on. Read More

Alliance Board Company
$59.35 at Amazon

Alliance Complete Skateboard Pre built and ready to roll High quality construction for long term use

$153.23 at Amazon

Infinite Displacement. People always say, ?It?s the journey, not the destination.? But, sometimes it?s the journey to the journey.... The countless hours spent fabricating, welding, experimenting, failing and succeeding build as much character as the road trips you take after. The Evolution is our 5 ply, fiberglass wrapped, Roller shape, that has as much spring as a springer and our 70mm Shred Boot wheels offer a smoother ride than a bagger. Read More

$43.09 at Amazon

<br><b>Grownup Fun, Performance Transport</b></br> You will own the street and rule the skate park with this twin kick tail qualit...y high performance shortboard. Featuring 7 ply, all hardwood Maple 8 inch wide deck shaped with concave for maximum control, custom art graphics, aluminum performance trucks and durable 58x32mm 83A wheels, it looks great and skates even better. Take to the air, with this affordable flying machine, or lag behind, the choice is yours.</br> <br><b>Board by Made in Mars</b></br> Made in Mars is a rethinking of what a board sports company is all about. Due to our "alien" company culture, we embraced the "Made in Mars" name. Looking around we saw a lot of companies in our Biz, many that were doing a good, and sometimes even a great job at making boards and trying to fit into the "Action Sports lifestyle". This was all great, but it just wasn't for us.</br> We design and make our own product, so we know what we are asking you to spend your money on. Next we wanted to offer the best of the tradition brands, and by working with some of the real pioneers of the Skateboard, Surf and Snow Board world, help reinvent them using today's best components, great fresh art and new technology. We also dreamed up a couple of brand new initiatives, because one size never fits all. We did all this, keeping better components and the highest quality. Trust us that isn't easy and definitely makes for some long days! Read More

ZtuntZ Skateboards
$109.99 at Amazon

Ztuntz Transporter X California Surf Kick-Tail Longboard Deck 10"W x 38"L - 25.5 - 26.5" WB. Surf inspired shape with a wide foot ...print. Ultimate Longboard cruiser. 7-ply, Mellow concave mold to give good spring back when carving. Designed with a Kick-Tail for cruising along the beach or across town. ztuntz Quality and Value you can Feel. Read More

$79.95 at Amazon

Skate One has been engineering, manufacturing and distributing high quality skateboard products for over thirty-five years.

$69.98 at Amazon

Dark star- Manifest Purple/Yellow FUL7.8 complete skateboard. 5.0 T5 Aluminum Dark star- trucks with good turning radius. Softer 9...2Abushing allowing for all weight and size skaters. Abec 1 carbon steel speed bearings. Read More

Retro Boards
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22"in Neon Colors PP material deck,6045mm PU solid color wheels,3.25"in aluminum heavy duty trucks,Abec-7 carbon bearing,PU cushio...n. Read More

Andy Mac Skateboards
$99.99 at Amazon

Designed by world champion skateboarder Andy Macdonald, Andy Mac Skateboards are extremely high quality at an affordable price. Th...e boards are suitable for beginning skateboard enthusiasts as well as advanced skaters. <p>Manufactured by Skate One Corporation, a leading skateboard builder for 29 years, the Andy Mac Zon Skateboard has been carefully designed and developed using the highest-quality materials and manufacturing equipment.</p> <p> <table align="center" cellpadding="5" width="585"> <tbody> <tr> <td><img border="2" src="" /></td> </tr> <tr> <td><strong><em><small></small></em></strong></td> <p></p> </tr> </tbody> </table> </p> <p><strong><big>A Message from Andy Macdonald</big></strong><br /> <table align="right" cellpadding="5" width="205"> <tbody> <tr> <td><img border="1" src="" /></td> </tr> <tr> <td><strong><em><small></small></em></strong></td> <p></p> </tr> </tbody> </table> Skateboarding has always been, first and for most, about having fun. As a professional, I've always wanted to be able to give back to the sport that has given me so much. One way to do that is to make skateboarding--fun skateboarding--more accessible to more kids. That's the idea behind Andy Mac Skateboards.</p> <p>The age at which kids begin skateboarding has become much younger in the past five years. In most instances, these new skaters are not buying their boards at specialty skate shops. Rather, they get their board where their parents shop--at a discounter, mass merchandiser or a sporting goods chain. Most all skateboards found at these retailers are designed as toys, not sports equipment, meaning the quality and performance is poor, and the experience of using them not fun. <table align="right" cellpadding="5" width="205"> <tbody> <tr> <td><img border="1" src="" /></td> </tr> <tr> <td><strong><em><small></small></em></strong></td> <p></p> </tr> </tbody> </table> And I was getting pretty tired of seeing kids have a bad first experience on their new skateboard.</p> <p>"Toy" skateboards are available just about everywhere these days and they cost about twenty bucks. Although they look like true skateboards, they definitely are not. A <em>real</em> skateboard turns when you want it to turn and has wheels that grip and roll smoothly. Traditionally, the only place to find such a product was in a specialty shop, where even a first-time skater must spend more than a hundred dollars for a "complete" board. That?s a lot of money for a new skater or their parent to spend--more than most can afford. That's where my brand comes in.</p> <p>An Andy Mac complete costs $59.99 and is the perfect entry-level skateboard. These are real boards--<strong>the same exact board I </strong> <table align="right" cellpadding="5" width="205"> <tbody> <tr> <td><img border="1" src="" /></td> </tr> <tr> <td><strong><em><small></small></em></strong></td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <strong>ride</strong> when I street skate. And I even use a modified version of this board in all my vert competitions! I spent two years developing this board with Powell Skateboards, a company that has been building skateboards for almost thirty years. The idea was that if we can build it good enough for me, it?ll be good enough for any new skater.</p> <p>I want kids to have an awesome first experience skateboarding and I know my boards can provide that. My hope is that kids all over the world will discover the same fun and enjoyment I get from skateboarding every day.</p> <p>So enjoy, and please let me know how you like this board. There is truly no other board on the market like it.</p> <p>Peace,<br /> <table align="right" cellpadding="5" width="205"> <tbody> <tr> <td><img border="1" src="" /></td> </tr> <tr> <td><strong><em><small></small></em></strong></td> <p></p> </tr> </tbody> </table> Andy Macdonald</p> <p><strong>About Andy Macdonald:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Eight-time World Cup Skateboarding overall points champion </li> <li>Eight-time X-Games gold medalist </li> <li>Set a Guinness world record for his skateboard ramp jump of nearly 57 feet </li> <li>His image was published on a U.S. postage stamp </li> <li>Honored by President Bill Clinton at the White House for his participation in The Partnership for a Drug-Free America </li> </ul> <p></p> Read More

$199.99 at Amazon

Features 9 ply maple deck Two rows of green, yellow and red LEDs All models have white LED headlights and red LED taillights Kickt...ail models add amber LED side marker lights Built-in Li-Ion battery lasts 4-5 hours between charges Each board has Semi-transparent Rasta Green grip tape On/Off switch with plug-in adapter Board Bottom graphic in a chill Rasta theme with black TNG logo Hardware Specs 9 inch, 50 degree angle, Gullwing Charger trucks in Rasta colors ABEC 5 grease ball bearings 70x45mm, 81A, center set wheels 1/4 inch flat risers. Read More

$69.98 at Amazon

Blind -Bad Cop Pink/Green FUL7.5 skateboard. Complete Blind 53mm wheels 92A bushings, for better turning radius for all weight and... size skaters. Also ABEC 1 carbon steel speed bearings. Read More

$129.00 at Amazon

Pop. Strength. Sustainability. This deep-concave, 4th generation bamboo hybrid complete skateboard features a new and improved con...struction resulting in longer lasting durability and performance. POP is the #1 feature. Just so you know you are getting a legit board, all Bamboo Skateboard decks have a heat stamped logo to verify authenticity and guarantee quality. Our customers tell us that our bamboo boards last them on average 3 weeks longer than other pro decks, but don't take our word for it - test one out. If you want a strong, high-quality, environmentally friendly deck at an affordable price, then look no further. Completes include Tracker trucks. Read More

$71.66 at Amazon

Stereo's Vinyl Cruiser plastic skateboard cruiser complete looks like a vinyl record and harks back to the heritage of Stereo, Jazz and Blues vinyl records. Stereo owners Jason Lee and Chris Pastras rode these style of boards when they were kids and today, after skateboarding careers spanning two decades, still skate retro & these new versions today. Read More

$69.99 at Amazon

The Ultega Land Ski is a type of skateboard which imitates the features of a snowboard. It is especially suitable for carving.

Retro Boards
$41.17 at Amazon

22"in Glow in dark PP material deck,6045mm PU solid color wheels,3.25"in aluminum heavy duty trucks,Abec-3 carbon bearing,PU cushi...on. Read More

$188.00 at Amazon

A classic all-around cruiser that doesn't sacrifice style for performance. Perfect for cruising around town with a kickball and to conquer any obstacle in your way. Read More

Stereo Skateboards
$85.20 at Amazon

Stronger and more durable than competitors, the Stereo Vinyl cruiser will bring you years of fun. Each cruiser comes with a free p...air of sunglasses that match your new rides color scheme. Each box also includes a pack of stickers so you can customize it even more. Read More

Sector 9
$176.12 at Amazon

The Mini Shaka is an all-around freeride board that lets you attack anything from hills, to cruising to the store. The 5/8" drop r...ocker makes pushing the board sideways easier, yet it still retains the grip of a top mount. The drop and concave combination creates a perfect packet for your feet, while maximizing leverage and control. Read More

Hang Ten
$92.21 at Amazon

To capture the original spirit of Hang Ten, we took a "retro-modern" approach to our Cruiser Series. Once again, we enlisted the e...xpertise of skateboard shaping legend Dale Smith to design and perfect each board. Creating a technically advanced version of the original 1978 series, the Bamboo '78 and Black Beauty '78 were born. In addition, we are introducing the barefoot friendly, cork-top Fatty, as well as the groovy-gliding, cambered, invitational completes. Great wheels, trucks, bearings and bushings compliment the series and offer great value. Read More

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