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Scientific Explorer Water Toys

Scientific Explorer
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Two toys for the price of one! First you can build the motorboat and second you can build a sonic electronic so you can build a te...legraph, buzzer and a bell. Motor Boat Madness and Sonic Electronics is an excellent electricity kit for children that actually requires them to build each part of the motor. Most electronics kits for kids have the main component already assembled, but children can use this kit to see how the inner workings of the motor work before placing it into the boat and kicking up a wicked wake in the swimming pool. They actually have to wind a wire around a cylinder and put metal components into place before situating the core of the electromagnet between the two included magnets. Powered by a single battery, the electromagnet within the motor kicks the propeller into gear and shoots the boat forward. The boat 's hull is over nine inches long, so kids can even see how much gear can fit into the boat when putting it into the water. Read More

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