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Tiger Woods has inspired many kids to give golf a try. Renting gear can work for a while, but your child likely will need her own set of clubs if she plays regularly. Follow age and height recommendations to choose properly sized equipment, and don't forget accessories like golf balls, golf bags, tees, and cleats.

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Two-way putter - left and right hand (EA)

Two-Way Putter-Left or Right Hand

$17.59 - $21.99


Mini Golf Chipper Set (SET)

The perfect starter set for right handed players Features twelve 26"L clubs with foam padded grips for a comfortable feel, 12 low bounce balls and 12 tees

$61.59 - $76.99


33" 2-Way Putter (EA)

TEACH YOUNG STUDENTS A LIFETIME SPORT! Teach your students in a realistic yet safe environment Clubs have a cushioned back and a hard striking surface The resulting club ...

$17.59 - $21.99

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