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Whether you're spending the night in a snow cave or heading out on a multi-day ski tour, trust the Mountain Hardwear Lamina -15 De...gree Thermal Q Sleeping Bag to keep you warm and cozy. Lamina construction attaches the insulation directly to the shell fabric, which eliminates the cold spots caused by standard baffle stitching. Plus, the shell fabric's DWR finish and the Thermal. Q synthetic insulation make the bag an ideal choice for damp winter conditions. Read More

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The Mountain Hardwear Ratio Sleeping Bag is lightweight and keeps you consistently warm on backpacking trips from the end of sprin...g to the beginning of fall. ThermoTrap Baffle construction secures 650-fill down insulation in smaller chambers to balance the down evenly across the entire bag, and the down's Q. Shield treatment helps the down resist moisture to retain its heat-trapping loft and keep you warm on cold nights. Its comfort mummy cut provides a slightly larger shape than standard mummy bags to keep you comfy without adding weight or reducing warmth. Mountain Hardwear made the Ratio's shell out of dobby for durability, and the taffeta lining is smooth to the touch for extra comfort. The down-filled face gasket at the hood and the insulated draft tube across the zipper make sure you don't feel a chilly draft throughout the night. The hood features single-handed drawcords that cinch it securely around your head with a simple pull. Read More

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Weighing in at just over two pounds, the Mountain Hardwear Phantom 15 Sleeping Bag is ideal for ski yurt trips and year-round back...packing in many environments. This easy-to-carry down-filled chamber is designed to keep you warm without weighing you down. Read More

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Synthetic insulation used to be synonymous with heavy and bulky; not so with the Mountain Hardwear Ultralamina 0 Sleeping Bag. The... Thermal. Q synthetic insulation is highly compressible, maintains its loft, and performs far better than down in wet conditions, which makes this bag the obvious choice for backpacking in cold and wet climates. Read More

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The mostly rectangular shape of the Big Agnes Lulu Women's 15-Degree Synthetic Sleeping Bag gives you room to sleep in more positi...ons than just on your back mummy-style. The Lulu's not a superlight expedition bag, but it does pack a punch with synthetic Integrity insulation that's warm to 15 degrees, as well as an Insotect Tubic vertical baffle construction that provides more loft, trapping more air and therefore supplying more warmth. It also stays warm when it gets soggy, something down insulation doesn't do. Since it's not made for super-long trips, the Lulu sacrificed a little bit of weight to provide more room, with a rectangular shape and extra space in the hip and feet areas, which provides better warmth as well as a more comfortable fit. It saves even more poundage by eliminating traditional ground insulation, instead keeping you warm by requiring a sleeping pad that slides into the integrated pad pocket, insulating you from the ground more effectively than traditional constructions. It keeps cold air at bay with a no-draft collar, zipper, and wedge to keep your mom, your sister, or your friend warm and on the pad all night long. Given its pillow pocket and soft nylon taffeta lining, they might just end up staying in it all day, too. Read More

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The folks at Big Agnes were looking out for all you Paul Bunyan types when they created the Summit Park 15-Degree Down Sleeping Ba...g. The Summit Park combines oversized dimensions with a semi-rectangular mummy shape to give you more room in the shoulders and footbox. Read More

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The Laminina 20 Women's Sleeping Bag is a durable, versatile design with high loft synthetic insulation and Mountain Hardwear's pa...tented Lamina welded construction. No stitching between baffles means no cold spots, and the rugged ripstop outer shell with DWR coating makes the Laminina your new best friend for backpacking or camping in cold, wet weather. Read More

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As far as sleeping bags go, 3. 25 pounds is really light. When you're talking about a bag that will keep you warm in the dead of w...inter, however, 3. 25 pounds is ridiculous. On top of the warmth, the Storm King 0-degree Sleeping Bag has a roomy rectangular design and can even be zipped together with another rectangular bag. The main reason for this ultra-light weight is the fact that Big Agnes eliminated the unnecessary insulation from the bottom of the bag. When you're sleeping on top of insulation, it doesn't keep you warm because it has no loft and therefore no air istrapped inside to keep you warm. Instead, Big Agnes put a Sleeping Pad Pocket in its place, so you have the trapped air in the sleeping pad keeping you warm and at the same time you can't roll off the sleeping pad. Read More

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For a lightweight summer bag that will perform in wet and humid conditions, look no further than the Mountain Hardwear Ultralamina... 32 Sleeping Bag. At just under two pounds with a stuffed size of 6 by 10 inches, this bag won't weigh you down or occupy too much pack space. Plus, the lofty Thermal. Q synthetic insulation maintains its warmth in wet conditions. Read More

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Twelve years ago Big Agnes dove headfirst into the fray of designing gear for the outdoor world. It introduced the unique Big Agne...s System (sleeping bags with a pad sleeve on the bottom instead of insulation) and defined a new level of comfort for hitting the sack at night. Now, for the first time since the brand was born, Big Agnes has revived the traditional mummy bag design and redesigned its insulation and technology from top to bottom. The result is Bellyache Mountain SL17-Degree Sleeping Bag, a technical, three-season sleeping bag that conquers wet nights in the spring and cold mornings in the fall. Perhaps the most notable feature of the Bellyache is the Downtek Insulation. This water-repellent down retains loft, breathability, and insulation value even if the down itself gets wet from rain or moisture. This gives you a serious advantage over traditional down insulation that clumps and lies flat at the first sign of moisture. Even with high-end insulation, a sleeping bag is only as good as the baffles that hold its insulation and the Bellyache uses Flow Construction, one of the most innovative baffle constructions in the industry. Insotect Flow uses a series of vertical baffles with internal gates that eliminate vertical and lateral clumping by constantly evening the distribution of insulation from head-to-toe, thus eliminating cold spots. Along with draft-stopping features like a seal around the neck opening, a wedge between the sleeping bag and sleeping pad connection, and a no-draft tube along the zipper, this sleeping bag offers reliable, regular warmth throughout the night. Amazingly, for all its cold-and-wet-weather advantages, this sleeping bag maintains a weight well under three pounds. Along with your insulating layer and a wool hat, this versatile 17-degree bag should be an essential part of your kit whether you're pitching a tarp in the Pacific Northwest or pitching a single-wall in the Carolinas. Read More

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Mountain Hardwear made its Phantom 32 Sleeping Bag light and protective for epic climbing and backpacking adventures. Stuffed with... super lofty 800-fill down insulation, the Phantom brings a surprising boost of warmth while only weighing a pound and a half, and the Q Shield advanced treatment helps the down retain its warmth in damp conditions. The Phantom's six-chamber hood maintains a well-balanced loft for consistent warmth, and the insulated draft tube includes a down-filled face gasket for extra protection. Read More

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Summer backpacking and camping call for a toasty, reliable sleeping bag like the Mountain Hardwear Lamina 45. Ideal for warm and dry conditions, this versatile sleeping bag features a comfortable mummy-shape cut, durable shell material with a water-resistant coating, and a baffle construction that guarantees that the synthetic insulation will maintain maximum loft. You'll be happy to have the Lamina when you need to keep your sleeping kit simple and when an expedition-weight bag would be overkill. Read More

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Moving fast and light in the backcountry doesn't mean you can ignore the weather. Despite its unbelievably low weight, the Mountai...n Hardwear Mtn Speed Down Sleeping Bag is rated at a versatile 32 degrees, which is plenty warm for spring, summer, and fall camping in most areas of the US. The reason for the low temperature rating and low weight is super-high-quality 850 fill-power goose down, which is treated with Mountain Hardwear's innovative Q. Shield water-repellant. Q. Shield is used on the down fibers to maintain the down's insulating properties if the down gets wet, so the days of using synthetic bags in wet areas are over. Read More

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Big Agnes wants to make sure that all you big and tall guys can get out and enjoy some summer camping without having to cram yours...elves into a bag made for runway models. The Big Agnes Buffalo Park 40 Degree Synthetic Sleeping Bag gives you the extra space you need without packing on a ton of extra weight. Read More

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Sound the alarm: the Mountain Hardwear Heratio Women's 32-Degree Down Sleeping Bag is setting sleepers on fire (in a good way, min...d) and this three-alarm blaze of warmth and comfort doesn't show any signs of slowing down. You can't put it out with water, since the 650-fill down's been treated with Q. Shield to resist water, and the tough nylon shell has a DWR coating to further keep the wet at bay. Neither can you just expect everything to cool down on its own, since the ThermoTrap baffle system keeps down in place for increased warmth and the women's-specific mummy shape provides extra insulation around the torso and feet, where ladies need it most. The Heratio's rated to be comfortable down to 32, making it a perfect, lightweight late spring, summer, and early fall bag for campers, backpackers, and sleeping enthusiasts. Read More

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In the past, drafty cabins and frosty tents may have kept you from a good winter night's sleep, but now that you have the Big Agne...s Farwell 0-Degree Synthetic Sleeping Bag to burrow inside, you snore the nights away (your travel partners would prefer that you shivered). Stuffed full of Integrity synthetic insulation like a turkey's stuffed full of, well, stuffing, the Farwell will keep you warm all the way down to zero degrees, making it a top option for icy winter hut trips and camping expeditions where going superlight isn't necessary. Synthetic doesn't pack quite as well as down, but it compensates by retaining its warmth even if it gets wet and staying well-lofted, so you don't have to worry about condensation turning your bag into a popsicle. To reduce weight as much as possible, the Farwell forgoes insulation on the bottom of the bag, opting instead for an integrated sleeve that uses a sleeping pad as insulation, letting the bag pack down smaller than it otherwise would while the pad keeps you warmer than traditional insulation, which would only compress under your weight. The Farwell also has winter-defeating features like a no-draft collar, zipper, and wedge, a pillow pocket, and comfortable nylon taffeta lining that will keep you deeply asleep, even if your tentmates start bashing you with shoes and headlamps to stop the racket. Read More

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A body-embracing mummy filled with water-repellent, always-lofty down, the Big Agnes Lost Lake SL Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Down ens...ures a glorious night's sleep three seasons of the year. Comfort rated at 30F and surrounded in draft protection, this feathery womb is one you won't want to leave. While it's great that you're so cozy, you do have places to go. Read More

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Mountain Hardwear cranked the furnace when they created the expedition-worthy Lamina -30 Sleeping Bag. High-loft synthetic insulat...ion provides massive warmth that fights off the bitter cold of deep winter nights, and an external DWR coating helps the shell material resist moisture that's inevitable when you're camping in the snow. Climb inside this sleeping bag and you'll immediately notice that you have more room to move around because Mountain Hardwear's designers shaped this bag with the additional width you need to sleep with extra layers on--now that's thinking. Read More

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Despite warmer weather during the day, mountains and deserts will cool off at night, leaving you shivering if you're not prepared.... The Big Agnes Gunn Creek 30 Degree Synthetic Sleeping Bag surrounds you with heat-trapping Integrity synthetic insulation (kept in place by the vertical baffles) so you can snooze comfortably through the night, and has a roomy rectangular shape that lets you move around a little bit, too. The innovative Big Agnes Insoctect Tubic system optimizes the efficiency of the eco-friendly Integrity insulation by structuring it to create vertical thermal channels running the length of the bag that trap air to add comfort and warmth. To reduce weight as much as possible, the Gunn Creek forgoes insulation on the bottom of the bag, opting instead for an integrated sleeve that uses a sleeping pad as insulation, letting the bag pack down smaller than it otherwise would while the pad keeps you warmer than traditional insulation, which would only compress under your weight. A pillow pocket is also included so you don't wake up with your head mashed into the cold, hard ground. The no-draft collar, wedge, and zipper keep cold air out and insulate you against the ground, and you can even mate left- and right-zip bags together, because, after all, the best way to stay warm is to sleep with a partner. Read More

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Marmot celebrates its heritage and its 40th anniversary with the Meteor Penguin Sleeping Bag. So maybe Marmot got a little sentime...ntal in creating this 700-fill goose-down bag, but with it's history of rugged and lightweight gear built to perform in a wide variety of conditions, a little nostalgia works in your favor. Ideal for hiking the high passes of the Sierra Nevadas or scrambling in the Alps, the Meteor Penguin features lightweight but tough 30-denier ripstop nylon shell fabric and Down Defender for added protection in wet conditions. Rated to 15 degrees Fahrenheit, this bag will keep you cozy on the coolest of spring and fall nights, and expertly designed features like a down-filled oversized draft tube, ground-level zipper, hood muff, and Nautilus 3D baffle hood further prevent heat-loss and draft. Designed, filled, and finished in Rohnert Park, California, the Meteor Penguin offers features of convenience and comfort, like a trapezoidal footbox that is wider in the toe area, just like your foot. A drawcord locker keeps the cords from dangling in your face while you try to drift off to dreamland, and hang loops allow for easy airing out after things get damp. Locking zippers with two-way zipper slides add to the convenience of use. You can't beat the Meteor Penguin's looks, either, as cobalt blue and sunset orange contrast each other in throw-back homage to Marmot's humble beginnings. Read More

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Ever tried to knit yourself a sleeping bag out of live geese? It's hardthe geese won't sit still, and they really don't like it wh...en you try to stuff them into a little sack. If you want life to be a little warmer, lighter, and more comfortable, the Marmot Lithium 0-Degree Down Sleeping Bag is a far better option than live geese, since it's filled with pure 850-fill goose down and has a DWR-treated Pertex Microlight shell that's as light, durable, and packable as they come. Rated comfortable down to 18 degrees and manageable to 0, the Lithium is perfect for all but the chilliest winter nights, and still weighs a mind-boggling 2lb 12oz, making it Marmot's second-lightest 0-degree bag, after the Plasma 0. It seals you in snugger than a hibernating bear, with a down-filled collar and draft tube, and even uses a six-baffle hood and face muff to keep cold air from sneaking in around your head. There are stretchy baffles around the feet and head, too, for added comfort, and a trapezoidal footbox that's wider in the toes and narrower in the heels to match the shape of your feet. Read More

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On those cold nights, there's nothing like spooning up with your partner in the two-person Mountain Hardwear Megalamina Sleeping With its patented welded seams to reduce heat loss and maintain maximum insulation, the Megalamina will help the two of you sleep comfortably three seasons out of the year. Read More

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Lighting up the spring, fall, and mild winter skies, it's the Marmot Meteor 15-Degree Down Sleeping Bag. This lightweight nylon ri...pstop bag is loaded up with 700-fill goose down to keep you warm on chilly October nights, brisk April mornings, and steamy January hut trips. Rated to keep you comfortable down to 21 degrees, the Meteor has stretchy baffles around the head and feet for added space without extra material, and uses a trapezoidal footbox to let your feet sit naturally while you're dozing. With a snug Nautilus six-baffle hood, insulated draft tube, and snug collar, you'll be able to seal yourself up tight against the cold, no matter the season. Down's sensationally light and packable, but it loses most of its insulating power if it gets wet, so Marmot treated all the Meteor's insulation with Down Defender, which is designed to help down maintain its loft and insulating power, even in the event of some unexpected sogginess. If it does get soggy, undo the double zippers and hang it up by the special loops to dry--the USA-finished-and-filled Meteor will be dry and warm again before you're had time to eat breakfast. Read More

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Take shelter at base camp in the -20 Degree Down Marmot Col MemBrain Sleeping Bag when the low pressure freezes your summit plans.... As the roaring whistle of the wind bangs against the tent all night, all you'll feel is the unmatched warmth of 800-fill goose down inside the Col MemBrain's waterproof breathable ripstop shell. Read More

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Hate having a two-foot tail of bag wagging around as you're trying to sleep? Get into the Big Agnes Juniper SL 25 Degree Down Bag, which is made for the ladies for just the right fit to deliver optimal warmth and comfort. DownTek down insulation repels water for full-time warmth no matter how wet the weather gets, and its shell provides added water- and stain-resistance. Tons of draft protection further ensure a cozy night. Read More

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Plan your trip, gather your expedition partners, and set off into the mountains with the Mountain Hardwear Banshee Sleeping Bag. T...he Banshee sleeping bag is worthy of the elite cold-weather camper, and as such it boasts a fully waterproof breathable shell on the outside and water-repellent down insulation on the inside. Water repellency allows this down insulation to resist moisture and maintain high loft in wet weather--a trait uncommon to other varieties of down insulation. Go deep into the mountains with this zero-degree sleeping bag and slumber soundly while nasty weather rages around you. Read More

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Everybody knows that xenon gas is being used as the propellant for ion thrusters in spaceships, but few people are aware that it's... also used as the insulator in Marmot's 15-Degree Down Women's Xenon Sleeping Bag. What's that, science master? Fine, it isn't actually, but the 850-fill goose down that Marmot chose is a way better insulator anyway. Plus, when you combine with a DWR-coated Pertex Microlight shell, the whole bag weighs a lightweight 2lbs 9oz, so it won't sit like a boulder in your backpackmaking it perfect for all spring, fall, and moderate winter trips. The insulation itself is treated with Down Defender, a water-repellent coating that helps it maintain its loft and warmth, even if it does get a little bit wet; there's actually extra down packed into key areas, making sure you don't have to deal with cold spots. There are strategically-placed stretchy baffles as well, which move with you to keep you comfortable while you're dreaming and, since drafts have ruined many an otherwise cozy night, the Xenon has an insulated draft tube, collar, and face muff to keep all the cold air out and the warm air in. Read More

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Sleep like royalty inside the two-person Big Agnes King Solomon Sleeping Bag. This dual-person 15-degree down sleeping bag feature...s enough room for two happy campers to snuggle up at night and tell bedtime stories with happy endings. Read More

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The versatile Mountain Hardwear Phantasia 15 Down Women's Sleeping Bag is ready to see you through three seasons of ultralight bac...kpacking bliss. The Phantasia's water-resistant Q. Shield 800-fill down maintains loft even in damp environments, allowing you to carry a lighter-weight bag without sacrificing warmth. Read More

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Wet weather means disaster for traditional down insulationbut for the water-repellent down insulation inside the Mountain Hardwear... Ghost Sleeping bag, a cold, wet storm is just another walk in the park. Built for expeditions and elite winter camping, this sleeping bag protects its unique insulation with a waterproof and breathable shell. A laminated, double external zipper flap further protects against moisture and a six-chamber insulated hood retains vital body heat at your head. Throw the worst weather and most nightmarish conditions at the Ghost and it'll treat you to a dreamy night of uninterrupted slumber. Read More

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Beauty sleep is important, even in the backcountry (camping fact #6: bears won't eat you unless you've got bags under your eyes), make sure you wake up well-rested every morning by spending chilly nights in the Big Agnes Pristine 17-Degree Synthetic Women's Sleeping Bag. The Pristine, which weighs in right around three pounds, uses Bluesign-approved Pinneco Core insulation to provide a top-shelf combination of light weight, warmth, and breathability that's perfect for lightweight backpacking trips when nights are expected to drop into the teens. The CoreScreen design repels external water, too, so tent condensation won't turn you into a soggy popsicle. The Pristine's mummy shape and 360-degree Insotect Tubic baffle construction pack lots of insulating power and form-fitting comfort into a small, easily-packable bag, but the Pristine still features a no-draft collar and zipper to keep warm air in and cold air out, and a contoured hood that seals around your head to keep you comfy in sub-freezing temps. Since waking up with frost-bitten toes can ruin your trip, Big Agnes stuffed the foot box with extra insulation, and built the Pristine with vertical baffles to keep the insulation where you need it most, helping you to sleep so soundly that the bears will almost certainly leave you alone. Read More

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Your Mountain Hardwear Spectre Sleeping Bag laughs in the face of wet weather and mild temperatures, and that means that you'll sl...eep like a baby no matter what Mother Nature drops on your doorstep. All the serious features are here: a waterproof breathable shell, a hood engineered for maximum insulation loft, and water-repellent down insulation that fights off heat-robbing moisture. You'll need a thicker sleeping bag for the bitter cold of fall through early spring, but for everything else you can reach for the Spectre. Read More

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The cozy down warmth and roomier interior of the Big Agnes Women's Roxy Ann 15 Degree Down Sleeping Bag will lull you to sleep and... keep you comfortable throughout the night. This women-specific, 650-fill bag keeps you snug through chilly mornings and mild winter nights and uses DownTek technology to deal with wet conditions. Read More

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In all but nasty winter conditions, the Mountain Hardwear Women's Phantasia 0 Down Sleeping Bag lulls you to sleep in cozy warmth you can rest and slay it--on the wall, trail, or summit--when morning comes. A women-specific mummy cut adds insulation where women need it most; its Q. Shield water-repellent down ensures you'll stay that much warmer and drier when conditions turns damp and ugly. Five-inch baffles give it a tight, lofty construction that prevents dead spots and provides consistent warmth, and a six-chamber hood with face gasket prevents brain-freeze. Read More

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Get comfy, because it's going to be a long night when you hop into the Big Agnes McAlpin SL 5 Degree Down Sleeping Bag, where in a...ll but subzero temps you can sleep tight as long as you like. Filled with light and lofty DownTek that resists water even in a monsoon, this traditional mummy will keep you toasty through the night. No cat nap here; get ready for full slumber. Read More

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Women have different warmth needs than men, which is why its important to make sure the bag you buy is made specifically for women.... The Mountain Hardwear Laminina 35 Sleeping Bag is stuffed with additional insulation and is specifically shaped to account for thermal differences, meaning you really will sleep comfortably all the way down to 35F. Plus, the water-resistant DWR finish and Thermal. Q synthetic insulation make the bag a great choice for wet weather and high humidity. Read More

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The day's trek was unbelievable, now make your night on your summer thru-hike just about perfect and turn in with the Big Agnes Pi...tchpine SL Sleeping Bag. A member of Big Agnes' highly technical Divide Superlight series, the Pitchpine has been made better than ever with the addition of a waterproof treatment to it's light, lofty, and highly packable 800-fill down. Big Agnes also employed its innovative top-only design, so all that fluffy warmth is on top where it can actually do some good; underneath, you'll find a sleeve into which you slip your sleeping pad for effective insulation against the cool, hard ground. The no-draft zipper tube, collar seals, and wedge between the bag and pad virtually eliminates areas of cold-air leaks, so you keep all that warmth you're generating to yourself on cooler than expected nights. So stuff your sleeping pad into the half-length sleeve, attach your liner to the interior loops if a cold front is going to be moving through, and rest up for another great day on the trail. Read More

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If you're packing a down-filled sleeping bag and you get caught in a spring downpour, you could be in for a long cold night. Not s...o with the Mountain Hardwear Lamina 35 Sleeping Bag. The Thermal. Q synthetic insulation and water-resistant DWR finish make the bag an ideal choice for damp conditions and high humidity. And the low weight of just two and a half pounds won't hold you back when you're on a summer backpacking excursion. Read More

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Bald Mountain sounds like a scary place to visit (a vision of the future!) but it won't be nearly as frightening if you spend your... nights in the Bald Mountain 18-Degree Synthetic Sleeping Bag from the hirsute cats at Big Agnes. You'll be warm even if all your hair falls out, courtesy of a contoured drawcord hood and mummy shape that increases warmth while decreasing weight. And courtesy, of course, of the synthetic Pinneco Core insulation that's wrapped in a tough nylon shell. Unlike down, Pinneco's warm even if it gets wet, but it's also breathable and uses a Core Screen layer that resists external moisture while actively drawing condensation from inside the bag, keeping you warm as a wolverine and dry as a sand worm all night. A no-draft collar and no-draft zipper lock out drafts (bet you didn't see that coming), while Insotect Tubic baffle construction uses vertically-baffled insulation to better conform to your body and provide superior loft and support. You can also mate together left- and right-zip bags if you feel the need for a doublewide. Read More

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Spring, fall, and mild winter camping can reward you with colorful vistas that you didn't know existed, but without the Big Agnes ...Encampment 15-Degree Synthetic Sleeping Bag to keep you warm at night, you might be too busy shivering and cursing the cold to pay them any attention. Luckily, the Encampment is packed full of 97% recycled Integrity synthetic insulation to keep you warm, and has an integrated pad sleeve and insulating wedge so the cold from the ground doesn't seep into your bag and turn you into a snoozy popsicle. To reduce the size and weight of the bag, Big Agnes eliminated insulation on the bottom (it only packs down under your weight anyway), instead requiring a compatible sleeping pad to insulate you from the ground. Bonus: you won't roll off onto the ground anymore. The Encampment is designed with Insotect Tubic baffle construction, which is a tongue-tying way of saying that the high-loft baffles run vertically, conforming to your body for maximum heat retention and comfort, while keeping the insulation where it belongs. You don't have to worry about your pillow running away at night, as Big Agnes gave this bag a built-in pillow pocket, nor do you have to stress drafts, since there is a no-draft collar and zipper to keep sneaky cold air where it belongs. If you have two left-zip and right-zip Encampments, you can even mate them together to create a double-wide bag, so you don't have to be sad about sleeping alone. Read More

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If it's Never Summer, as the Marmot 0-Degree Down Sleeping Bag of the same name suggests, it stands to reason that it's always eit...her spring, fall, or winter, and that any campers or backpackers are going to need a seriously warm sleeping bag. The Never Summer's certainly that, as it's packed full of 650-fill down that's been treated with Down Defender to help it stay lofty and warm, even in wet conditions. It also has features like an insulated five-baffle hood, a face muff, and a trapezoidal footbox designed to keep you warm and comfortable when the mercury drops all the way down to 13 degrees. The Never Summer's perfect for active sleepers, too, with stretchy baffles that keep you from getting stuck and claustrophobic, and locking zippers that won't come undone if you're chasing squirrels or wrestling bears in your dreams. An draft tube keeps--surprise!--drafts at bay, and the insulated collar stops warm air from sneaking out the top of your bag. Slip your essential whatevers into the small stash pocket, cinch up the hood drawcord, and ride out the icy winter nights in serious comfort. Read More

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Take down the Tetons' Grand Traverse with the ultralight Mountain Hardwear Women's Phantasia 32 Sleeping Bag. Stuffed with super l...oft 800-fill down insulation, the Phantasia brings a surprising boost of warmth while only weighing a pound and a half, and the Q Shield advanced treatment helps the down retain its warmth in damp conditions. The Phantasia's six-chamber hood maintains a well-balanced loft for consistent warmth, and the insulated draft tube includes a down-filled face gasket for extra protection. Read More

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So, you've decided to tackle a multi-day backcountry expedition in the dead of winter. Nobody in their right mind would do such a ...thing. We're proud of you. You'll need a little extra insulation to keep you from freezing to death, though. The Mountain Hardwear Wraith Goose Down Sleeping Bag is designed for just such an outrageous undertaking. This waterproof breathable down bag is rated to -20 degrees and features Mountain Hardwear's Q. Shield Technology, which allows the down to maintain its insulating properties even if it gets wet. Read More

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A women-specific design with extra insulation in the torso and foot areas makes the Mountain Hardwear Heratio Sleeping Bag an exce...llent choice for female campers and backpackers. ThermoTrap Baffle construction secures 650-fill down insulation in smaller chambers to keep the down in place across the entire bag, and the down's Q. Shield treatment helps it resist moisture to retain its heat-trapping loft and maintain its warmth in sub-freezing temperatures. Its comfort mummy cut provides a slightly larger shape than standard mummy bags for extra relaxation without adding weight. Mountain Hardwear made the Ratio's shell out of dobby for durability, and the taffeta lining is smooth to the touch for extra comfort. The down-filled face gasket at the hood and the insulated draft tube across the zipper keep chilly drafts out of the bag throughout the night. The hood features single-handed drawcords that cinch snugly with a simple pull. Read More

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Big Agnes designed the Lost Ranger 15-Degree Down Sleeping Bag to maximize the efficiency of its materials, so it milks all the pe...rformance possible out of the lightest, most compact construction possible. That means you stay more comfortable in the bag and while you hike. The Lost Ranger also has Big Agnes' famous sleeping pad pocket and insulation-free bottom so you never roll off your sleeping pad again and you don't have to carry around a bunch of unnecessary insulation. Read More

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At just over two-and-a-half pounds light, the Mountain Hardwear Phantom 0 Degree Down Sleeping Bag takes a burden off your back an...d puts some Z's in your sleep. This sleeping bag packs down small, fits your body like a glove, and features water-repellent down insulation that fends off heat-robbing moisture so it can retain its loft and warmth. This ultralight mummy bag will become a welcome addition to your shoulder-season backpacking kit whether you're overnighting in the White Mountains or picking off summits in the La Sals. Read More

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There's no need to pack an expedition-style sleeping back for a quick summer overnight or backyard camping trip, so save weight an...d space by grabbing the Big Agnes Cross Mountain 45-Degree Synthetic Sleeping Bag instead. At under two pounds it won't slow you down or fill up your pack, and it'll be comfortable on mild summer nights, unlike a heavy-duty winter bag that'll just make you sweat. To reduce weight as much as possible, the Cross Mountain forgoes insulation on the bottom of the bag, opting instead for an integrated sleeve that uses a sleeping pad as insulation, letting the bag pack down smaller than it otherwise would while the pad keeps you warmer than traditional insulation, which would only compress under your weight. The mostly-recycled Integrity synthetic insulation stays warm even if it gets damp, and if you've got two Cross Mountain bags with left and right zippers, you can even mate them together to make a double bag and cuddle up with a lucky someone. Read More

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Brainiac scientists tell us that the sun's made primarily of plasma, so it stands to reason that Marmot would make the Plasma 15 D...own Sleeping Bag out of the same hot-hot-HOT material; unfortunately, Marmot's bag designers couldn't quite figure out how to sew plasma and magnetic fields into a functional sleeping bag, so they opted for 875-fill goose down wrapped in bulletproof Pertex Quantum fabric for the ultimate combination of warmth and lightness. The Plasma's designed to be comfortable in chilly temperatures: as low as 15 degrees, with a comfort rating of 29 degrees. It weighs less than a galaxy's worth of anti-matter--just under two pounds--and packs down smaller than the beginning of the Big Bang, so you won't notice it in your pack any more than you'd notice a few extra protons. This combination of weight and warmth is made possible by the Insotect Flow vertical baffles, which direct heat downwards to the wrap-around footbox, minimizing the amount of down required to keep you toasty. Down also loses most of its insulating value when it gets wet, so Marmot designed the Plasma an inner and outer DWR coating, and treated the insulation with Down Defender, which helps it maintain loft it things do get a little soggy. There are also small touches that make a big difference, like a cold-air defeating insulated draft tube, insulated collar, and face muff to seal your bag up tight against the chill; if you get cold, it's probably because you've taken the Plasma somewhere it doesn't quite belong, like the moon. Read More

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Slavonia might seem like a strange name for a sleeping bag (historical regions of eastern Croatia for $500, anyone?) but hey, anci...ent Slavs and Ottomans probably slept outside a lot, and odds are good they didn't have anything as warm and comfortable as the Big Agnes Slavonia Women's 30-Degree Synthetic Sleeping Bag. Packed with synthetic Integrity insulation, the Slavonia's a perfect choice for summer camping and backpacking trips where you need moderate insulation without having to worry about going superlight. It does trim weight, however, by eliminating traditional ground insulation, instead using an integrated sleeve to hold a required sleeping pad that better insulates you from the ground and lets the Slavonia pack down small. Designed with a rectangular shape to give you more room to spread out, the Slavonia uses Insotect Tubic baffle construction, which ensures the fill retains its high loft and conforms to your body for superior comfort and warmth. It also features a pillow pocket so you don't wake up lying on the hard, cold ground with your face smashed into a rock, and has a zippered stash pocket at the shoulder so you can keep whatever you need handy all night long. A no-draft collar and no-draft zipper keep--wait for it--drafts at bay, and compatible left and right zippers can be mated together to form a double-wide sleeping bag so you and your favorite camping companion can cuddle up for warmth. Read More

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Slide into your Mountain Hardwear Lamina 0 Sleeping Bag and shrug off the dampness and cold that comes with a fall night spent in the wild. Ideal for backpacking or camping, this synthetic-insulated sleeping bag features a lightweight shell with a water-resistant coating, a full-length zipper for ventilation, and a roomy footbox for comfort. A host of simple, reliable features makes the Lamina 0 the ideal choice for anyone who needs a versatile sleeping solution for their backcountry kit. Read More

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