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Gama Sonic
$49.99 at Sears

This set contains two Gama Sonic DL-972LS rechargeable, portable lanterns and two AC adapters. The DL-792LS is a versatile househo...ld utility light that can function as a work light, a camping lantern, an emergency light, or a very bright flashlight. The unit has two modes. Set the DL-972LS to 24-LED mode for use as a lantern or work light for up to six-hours on a full charge of its internal rechargeable battery. Or set it to single high-beam mode for use as a very bright LED flashlight for up to 35 hours on a full charge of the battery. The DL-972LS also has a backup compartment for three standard AA batteries so that you can keep using the lantern in situations when you aren't able to recharge the internal battery. To charge the four-volt internal battery, just plug in the DL-972LS with the included UL-rated, five-watt AC adapter and leave it until you need it. This won't run up your energy bill or fry the battery--built-in overcharge protection stops current from flowing to the battery once it's fully charged. As an extra benefit for household safety, when the DL-972LS is plugged in, the light will turn on automatically in the event of power loss. For worldwide travelers, the adapter can handle up to 230-volt input, meaning you can take the light with you on trips outside the US (though you'll need a prong converter for the adapter to fit non-U.S. electrical outlets). The Gama Sonic DL-972LS is far brighter than a standard flashlight but still has a convenient carrying Read More

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