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Kmart Camping Accessories

Stanley Hand Tools
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1.4 qt/1.3 lt. Holds more. Same size as 1.1 qt bottle. Lifetime warranty. Bigger Capacity: Same size as standard bottles, but hold...s an extra cup. 24 Hr Hot/Cold: Keeps drinks up to temp around the clock. Stronger Steel: Tougher than the others. It can take the abuse. Hefty Handle: Grab with gloves. Lock down for easy packing. Bigger Cup: Forget sipping. Easy Pour Stopper: Twist and pull counter clockwise. Pour from any angle. No spills. Ran over it with a D9 CAT dozer, still works great. Grandpa and Dad retired from the mines, but not their Stanley bottle. Flat tire, no jack. No problem, I used my Stanley bottle. Yeah, these really did happen. Built for life. Since 1913, we've remained dedicated to this simple promise: buy a Stanley bottle, get a quality product, guaranteed for life. Built for life. Made in China. Read More

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Primo water dispensers for the home and workplace are America's #1 brand for a reason. Our dispensers are the most reliable with t...he latest innovative fearures to keep you and your family hydrated and healthy. Read More

Adventure Medical
$40.00 at Kmart

Survive outdoors longer. 62 + life saving tools Fire Lite sparker; ultralight knife signal mirror; compass; rescue whistle. Expe...ct the unexpected. One tough tool. Made from ABS plastic for unbeatable strength to weight ratio. Survival Essentials: Tinder: Waterproof/windproof, burns for up to 2 minutes, ignites with a single spark from Fire Lite sparker. Aluminum Foil: 1 sq ft, use for cooking, water purification, as a heat reflector, or windscreen, etc. Braided Nylon Cord: 10 ft, 150 lb test - use to rig shelter, make traps & snares, or hang clothes. Stainless Wire: 6 ft, mil-spec - use to make tools, repair equipment, and to improvise. Fishing/Sewing Kit: Hooks (4), fishing line (30'), snap swivels (2), and split shot (2) to catch fish or pass the time. Safety pins (3) and sewing needle for equipment repair (line doubles as thread). Signal Mirror: Durable polycarbonate mirror with retro Read More

California Innovations
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MOLDED WRAP:Adjustable, tite-grip handle LEAK PROOF SPORT BOTTLE:Dishwasher & freezer safe(Do not use with hot liquids)

$15.00 at Kmart

Optimus fuel bottles are suitable for transporting and pressurizing all kinds of liquid fuel. An interior epoxy coating ensures methylated alcohol and contaminated fuels can be kept safely in the bottles. Thanks to a unique hardening process, these bottles are strong and durable, yet surprisingly light weight. Read More

$59.95 at Kmart

The MyBottle Purifier Bottle by Katadyn. Katadyn MyBottle Purifier is the ingenious drinking bottle with an integrated virus filte...r. It enables the purification of drinking water at any time and anywhere - there's no need for pumping. Ideal for small quantities, e.g. when hiking, traveling or playing sport. A fiberglass pre-filter removes bacteria and protozoa as well as particles larger than 0.3 microns The new 3-layer filter medium ViruPur blocks viruses and the smallest particles based on electrokinetic depth filtration. The MyBottle doesn't require chemicals or batteries. Read More

$59.95 at Kmart

The Katadyn MyBottle Portable Water Purification System eliminates the need to carry or locate safe drinking water while hiking an...d is an ideal sport bottle for any outdoor activity. Simply dip the bottle into any fresh water source and squeeze to force filtration with no waiting or pumping required. Compatible with the following: 8011555 Read More

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