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Blast Zone Pool & Water Toys

Blast Zone
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Now you can use your Blast Zone Inflatable Inside or out! Just fill the heavy-duty sand bags, tie them on the tie down loops, and ...bounce! Each bag utilizes Hook-and-Loop closure, and holds 40-50lbs of sand. (NOTE: Colors May Vary) This purchase is for Sand Bags only. Inflatable shown for reference. Features: Indoor/Outdoor UseNot Included: Sand FillerMaterial: PolyesterRecommended Capacity: 1 PersonCare and Cleaning: Machine Wash, Clean with Water and Mild Detergent, Air DryDimensions: 9.5 " H x 10.0 " L x 9.5 " W Weight: 1.0 Lb.Warranty Description: 90 Day Limited Manufacturer WarrantyBattery: no battery usedAssembly Details: adult assembly required Read More

Blast Zone
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Additional Features Splash lagoon provides a place to splash and relaxClimbing wall has safety handles, foot holes, platformBounce...r is enclosed with safety nettingHolds up to 4 kids, weighing up to 100 lbs. eachConstructed from commercial vinyl for durability This monster of a water park and bounce house will keep your kids busy moving and playing for hours. The Blast Zone Shark Park is a fun, feature-filled water park that includes an 8-foot slide, 5-foot climbing wall complete with safety handles, foot holes, and a platform, overhead sprayer, a three person bouncer that doubles as a ball pit, an 80 square-foot splash pool, and three shark fin sprayers to make sure your little ones get super soaked. The bouncer is enclosed with safety netting and can be entered through the crawl tunnel or through the shark tank. The large splash pool is a perfect place for your kids to relax for a moment, or a great place for you to get some sun while the kids are asleep. This water park is constructed from commercial vinyl for durability and can hold up to 4 kids at a time weighing up to 100 lbs. each. A blower is included to make setting up this water park, which measures 11W x 19L x 8.25H feet, quick and easy. Lead-free products: A note from Blast Zone Recent allegations by the state of California against producers and distributors of inflatable bounce products concerning illegal lead concentrations are of great concern to us and our customers. Blast Zone products are not included in these allegations. All Blast Zone products meet or exceed US and international laws and standards and contain no lead in the material, printing, substrate, or any components whatsoever. Blast Zone diligently adheres to testing standards to ensure a safe product for the consumer, and provides items retailers can be confident stocking and selling. While Blast Zone does produce commercial inflatables, and Blast Zone residential products utilize a substantial amount of commercial-grade materials, our commercial vinyl also meets or exceeds these same international standards for lead, phthalates and other contaminants and heavy metals. Why Blast Zone? With their main focus on safety, Blast zone manufactures the strongest bouncers in the industry, and creates the most exciting designs available. Using 100% commercial-grade impact surfaces, the material used in Blast Zone's bouncers is nine times stronger than what's used on average inflatables. Bounce floors and slides use large, seamless, commercial material so they have fewer seams with less chance of separation. Blast Zone bouncers are reinforced in stress areas to make them twice as durable as typical inflatables, and they use X-Weave material with extremely high tensile strength in all directions. Each Blast Zone inflatable is inspected seven times during construction to ensure it meets the strictest quality and safety standards. Their safety netting is twice as thick as the industry standard, and soft so it won't scratch or cut bouncers. Each Blast Zone product is designed with your child's safety in mind. They incorporate balanced product distribution, safe climbing surfaces, safe slide heights and more. Finally, they provide breathable storage cases. Blast Zone's carrying cases allow moisture to dissipate from inflatables, rather than keeping it locked inside, leading to mildew. About Blast Zone Blast Zone has been making safe toys for kids all over the world since 1996. For over a decade, they've designed and manufactured compliant, hazard-free toys for major licensors and retailers including Disney, Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, Marvel, Porchlight Entertainment, and more. The same principles of quality and safety that have applied to their toys also apply to Blast Zone inflatables. The mission of Blast Zone inflatables is simple: provide safe, fun, affordable inflatables, and make kids dreams come true. Read More

Blast Zone
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Blast Zone Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park The Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park is one of our most versatile and popular water pa...rks. With a Water Slide, Splash Pool, Water Cannon and Climbing wall, the Hydro Rush offers up tons of splashing fun! And the Hydro Rush has enough room for up to 6 Kids to Splash, Climb, Crawl and Play all day. Beat the heat with the included sprayer system. Just hook-and-loop fasten it on, attach the hose, and splash. The sprayers rain down onto the top of the slide, and feeds the water cannon. The Hydro Rush is lightweight and portable, for traveling fun.The Hydro Rush includes a new, improved Water Cannon, Curved Slide, Climbing Wall, Inside-Return, and Commercial Slide and Climbing surfaces. This durable inflatable water park sets up in mere minutes, for hours of fun in the sun. Simply unroll the inflatable, stake it down, attach the constant-air blower, plug it in and turn it on. Blast Zones industry-leading design and quality ensures the family endless fun. Bring the water park home with Blast Zone. The Hydro Rush includes a new, improved Water Cannon, Curved Slide, Climbing Wall, Inside-Return, and Commercial Slide and Climbing surfaces. What do I get? Each Blast Zone inflatable includes the inflatable unit, a UL approved blower a carrying case, stakes for the blower and stakes for the bouncer. The inflatable unit rolls up to about the size of a medium to large sleeping bag (depending on bouncer). Most of our inflatable toys ship via UPS in one box that includeseverything. To set up the bouncer, just unroll it, hook the inflation tube to the blower, turn on the blower and stake it down. The blower runs continuously while kids play, and air escapes through the seams and fabric. BLAST ZONE HOME USE BOUNCERS ARE FOR RESIDENTIAL USE. FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES, PLEASE SEE OUR COMMERCIAL USE CATEGORY Features: ?Measures 18L x 8H x 11W ?Capacity 6 Kids Recommended Ages:3 ? 10 Read More

Blast Zone
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<div class="aplus"> <h4>Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park</h4> <div class="leftImage" style="width: 350px"> <img src="" alt="Hyrdro Rush being used" width="300" height="300"> </div> <p>The wildly fun, vibrant Hydro Rush is one of our most versatile and popular water parks. Kids love all the action, while parents love the quality, durability, and safety. </p> <p>The Hydro Rush has such a variety of great features that every minute of play is exciting. A tough climbing wall stretches to the top of the slide where two overhead sprayers rain down. From here kids can zoom along the long curved slide into the splash pool, where they can fire the water canon. Add the optional play balls for even more fun. With so much going on your kids will play for hours while beating the heat. No more summer boredom. </p> <div class="rightImage" style="width: 350px"> <img src="" alt="Hydro Rush side view" width="300" height="300"> </div> <p>Parents, you will love the sturdy Hydro Rush water park as much as your kids will! Why? Besides being entertained for hours, your children will burn up that extra energy in a healthy way, getting lots of exercise while they play safely. With the inside return path kids don?t need to exit the pool to get to the slide, meaning less grass and debris in the play area, making it easier to keep clean. The generously sized Hydro Rush has enough room to entertain up to 6 kids at once, with room to spare. The unit is lightweight and portable, easy to use, and durable, too. </p> <p>Set-up is a snap. Unroll the water park, stake it down, and attach the UL listed blower (included) that literally inflates the water park in less than two minutes. Fasten on the sprayer system, hook up to a garden hose and you are all set for fun. Built-in flow restriction helps minimize water use. </p> <p>The rugged Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park is constructed according to Blast Zone?s strict quality and safety standards, using double and quadruple stitched, reinforced polyester oxford. Commercial-grade vinyl is used on the climbing and slide surfaces, adding extra strength and longer life to the unit. As with all our products, the Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park comes with Blast Zone?s industry-leading warranty and customer support.</p> <div class="break"></div> <div class="third-col"> <h5>Features</h5> <ul> <li>Long, Curved Slide</li> <li>Climbing Wall</li> <li>Commercial Vinyl Impact Surfaces</li> <li>Included Storage Case</li> <li>Splash Area</li> <li>Water Cannon</li> <li>Double and Quadruple Stitching</li> <li>Inflates in Seconds</li> <li>Included Fan W GFCI</li> <li>Safety Netting</li> </ul> </div> <div class="third-col"> <h5>Specifications</h5> <ul> <li>Inflated Dimensions: Approx 18'L x 11'W x 8'H</li> <li>Shipping Size: 16 x 16 x 30</li> <li>Recommended Age: 3+</li> <li>Blower: 480W</li> <li>Product Weight: 60 Lbs</li> <li>Slide Length: 9' 9"</li> <li>Max Gross Weight on Inflated Structure: 200 Lbs</li> <li>Max User Weight: 100 Lbs</li> <li>Max Users on Slides: 1</li> <li>Max Users in Splash Area: 4</li> <li>Max Users on Climber: 1</li> </ul> </div> <div class="third-col last"> <h5>Includes</h5> <ul> <li>Inflatable Unit</li> <li>UL Listed Blower</li> <li>Sprayer Assembly (Water Parks Only)</li> <li>Carrying Case</li> <li>Instruction Manual</li> <li>Instructional DVD</li> <li>1 Yr Warranty on Inflatable</li> <li>1 Yr Warranty on Blower</li> <li>"2 Yr Promise" on Kit</li> </ul> </div> <div class="break"></div> <h4>How it Works</h4> <h5>Constant Air Technology</h5> <p>Blast Zone Inflatables operate on "Constant Airflow." Air is continuously fed from an electrically powered blower into the inflatable, and escapes through the seams in the material.</p> <p>This process allows for a much stronger inflatable that is able to support substantial activity, without over-inflating or deflating.</p> <p>Never Fear. Hearing air escaping, and seeing bubbles in the water is all part of the process!</p> <h5>Garden Hose? Ready to Roll</h5> <p>Blast Zone inflatable Water Slides and Water Parks include a sprayer system that attaches to a standard garden hose, which slowly and constantly feeds the sprayer system.</p> <p>To adjust the water flow, just adjust your spigot. You need very little water flow to lubricate the slides.</p> <p>Blast Zone Splash areas are not "pools" in the strict sense. For the safety of our little players, Blast Zone Splash Areas have water outlets, to retain just enough water to splash around, without creating any risks.</p> <h5>Easy Setup</h5> <p>Blast Zone Inflatables Set up in minutes, and store relatively easily. The inflatable unit rolls up to about the size of a medium to large sleeping bag. </p> <p>Most of our inflatable toys ship via UPS or FedEx in one box that includes everything.</p> <p>To set up the bouncer, just unroll it, hook the inflation tube to the blower, turn on the blower and stake it down.</p> <h5>Quality</h5> <p>Blast Zone takes pride in manufacturing the highest quality inflatables in the industry, and backing them with the best warranty.</p> <p>Blast Zone Home Use inflatables utilize Commercial-Grade Vinyl Bounce and Slide Surfaces, and are assembled utilizing double and quadruple heavy-duty stitching.</p> <p>Award-winning designs. Focus on Safety. Stellar Customer service. Blast Zone is your most exciting option for inflatable fun!</p> <div class="break"></div> </div> Read More

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