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The Rawlings ROLB1 baseball features a full grain cover, a composite cork and rubber center and the Rawlings raised seams for exce...llent grip. This baseball is fantastic as a cost effective baseball for regular season play or as a great practice baseball. Read More

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SSG / BSN 1236002 Mark 1 Official League Baseball (DZN)

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Official League Baseball with leather cover cork and rubber core.

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Synthetic leather cover with flat seams make this ball great for pitching machines. 5 oz. No. 41003: Type: Official League Ball, C...ircumference: 9", Core Type: Cork & Rubber, Cover Material: Synthetic Leather, Color: White, Pkg Qty: 1, Package Type: Box Read More

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Training indoors has never been easier, or safer, than with Baden's Featherlite Baseball. This white, dimpled trainer is designed look like a genuine baseball, complete with red inset seams that won't fade or wear off with repeated use. The Featherlite's authentic look and size is perfect for developing pitch recognition and honing batting skills indoors; and because the ball weighs 70 percent less than a regulation baseball, it can be used safely in virtually any practice environment. Read More

Diamond Sports
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Diamond D1-AL Emblem Official Ball of the American Legion World Series. Premium leather cover with cushioned cork center, A-Grade ...grey wool winding, DriCore¿ technology, and Diamond Seam¿. Read More

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Official size and weight Game Baseball with leather cover and cushioned cork core.

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Markwort Official CYC 9 inch Baseballs feature a yarn winding, double cushioned cork center, and scarlet double stitched seams.

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Want to focus your batting practice? Use Small Balls to give batters a smaller target to hit and encourage them to keep their eyes... on the ball. Great for building hand-eye coordination. Read More

The Anywhere Ball
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The ANYWHERE Ball is a great training aid for baseball and softball hitters. Its soft material can be used both indoors and outsid...e. When miss hit, the Anywhere Ball will pop up or down in an egg shape to assist in your baseball and softball training. When hit correctly the practice ball will fly straight and round. By using The Anywhere Ball you are not only able to practice anytime, anywhere, but because of the immediate feedback you create a more fundamentally sound swing. <br><br> The Anywhere Ball is the perfect baseball & softball training tool and this foam practice ball will surely help to improve your swing, it is a foam ball the causes no damage. The Anywhere Ball is great for between games, pregame warm-ups and in restricted areas. It can be used inside or outside without proposing a threat to property. It is the foam baseball / foam softball that provides instant feedback. The Anywhere Ball is truly the all-purpose training ball. Read More

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Great for any practice, this Champion Sports Official League Ball features a syntex leather cover, rubber and cork core, nylon win...ding and raised seams. Read More

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This item Features the qualities of :-Ball Type: Baseballs-Ball Size: 9"-Quantity: 3-Brand Name: Rawlings.

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Baden's All Weather baseball - designed and tested in the Pacific Northwest - is the original practice ball for any weather condit...ion. Featuring a waterproof core made of rubber, cork and proprietary bonding agents, the ball remains playable even when wet and returns to its original weight after only 24 hours of drying time. Blue seams allow for easy identification and help coaches, players and equipment managers avoid ruining standard wound balls in wet conditions. The All Weather ball has been used for years by high school and college programs across the country, providing the perfect protection in any climate. Read More

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