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$14.99 at Sports Authority

The Softspikes® Pulsar Fast Twist replacement golf cleats take comfort and performance to a whole new level. Their reactive web ge...ometry enhances energy return for unmatched comfort and durability, and tangential flexor knuckles add strength to individual legs, greatly increasing stability and overall cleat life. Rounded pads glide along greens, virtually eliminating torn and damaged putting surfaces. Features Plastic replacement cleats Reactive web geometry Tangential flexor knuckles Rounded pads Read More

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Additionally, BLACK WIDOW Tour cleats are the first cleats from the Softspikes brand to combine flexible legs with secondary tract...ion elements producing the most advanced performance cleat on the market. This combination of flexible legs and cushioning towers allows BLACK WIDOW cleats to self-adjust to every situation, terrain and golfer. * Green-Friendly * Double-Strength Flexible Legs * Secondary Cushioning Towers * Extended Life * Non-Clogging * Plus 2 Comfort setting with new support rings * Item: 826-60013 Read More

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One of Softspikes? defining moments was the launch of the BLACK WIDOW cleat in the late 90?s. This product established the perform...ance category in plastic cleats and introduced Dynamic Cleat Technology (DCT) to the golf industry. The dynamic movement of DCT gives BLACK WIDOW exceptional grip, and allows the cleat to flex on putting surfaces for unmatched green friendliness, while also providing best-in-class traction and comfort for golfers. During the past decade, dozens of competitive plastic cleats have come and gone in the industry, but none have come close to achieving the popularity and success of Black Widow, both on a professional and an amateur level. * Flexible Legs * Green-Friendly * Item: 826-60008 Read More

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The SoftSpikes Pulsar is designed with a webbed shield at the base that helps with stability and the webbing between the legs that... is angled, so they are flush against the bottom of the shoe, creating more comfort for the player. They are also equipped with ?Reactive Comfort Technology?, which reacts to each step the player takes for increased comfort. The Pulsar is the most durable cleat offered to date by SoftSpikes. * Enhanced Leg Strength: Pulsar is designed with a webbed shield at the base of the legs to help with stabili * Reduced Clogging: The webbing between the legs is angled so they rest flush against the bottom of the shoes * Durability: The most durable cleat yet offered by Softspikes while still supplying you with unmatched traction * Comfort: Equipped with ?Reactive Comfort Technology?. The curved design of the legs reacts to the step for increased comfort * Item: 826-PULSAR Read More

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