Snoozer Snoozer Full Body Pillow - Microfiber

Snoozer Full Body Pillow The Snoozer Full Body Pillow is one unique pregnancy pillow. It promotes proper spinal alignment and provides healthier body circulation. This full body pillow from Snoozer is ergonomically designed to follow the na...tural motions and positions of the body all night long. Pregnancy pillows should provide all of this, but very few actually do. With Snoozer, moms have nothing to worry about. Moms are often sick of struggling with multiple pregnancy pillows during the night. The incredible Full Body Pillow from Snoozer is unlike any other maternity body pillow because its patented candy cane design gives the body full mobility and support all night long. The pregnancy pillow has a top section which cradles the head, neck and shoulders. This maternity pillow features a middle section which supports the back and the bottom section supports the hips and legs. It enhances muscular relaxation. This pregnancy pillow from Snoozer is filled with synthetic fiber filler which is hypo-allergenic. Couples love these pregnancy pillows because they take up less space than other pillows. Not only is this maternity pillow great for sleep, but it is great for nursing too. Product Features Pregnancy pillow from Snoozer measures 66 x 14 in Includes Full Body Pillowcase Maternity pillow is filled with a Synthetic Down made from a siliconized polyester cluter fiber Maternity body pillow is 100% hypo-allergenic Patented ergonomic design of this pregnancy pillow from Snoozer promotes proper spinal alignment Unique shape of maternity pillow follows the natural motion and positions of the body Enhances muscular relaxation, different than other pregnancy pillows Maternity body pillow promotes healthier circulation Reduces head, neck and back strain Minimizes pillow repositioning throughout the night, a superior feature to other pregnancy pillows Maternity pillow provides pain relief for arthritis and from knee/back surgery Pregnancy pillow provides ideal support for women during pregnancy Machine washable Maternity body pillow is great for men as well Read More

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