Smart Gear Toys Smart Gear Click 'N Play Puppy Building Set

Click 'N Play is a unique buildable, movable, transforming, interactive toy set. IMAGINATION & ORIGINALITY- Children can make hundreds of different sets of creatures with this transforming kit. This will develop theirimaginations and and se...nse of originality while having fun!INTELLECT & SKILLS- Through the construction and deconstruction process, children feel a sense of accomplishment. This simple andfun exercise is great for developing both sides of the brain and improving children's level of observation andanalytical thinking.SPATIAL PERCEPTION- While combining the modules to create different 3D animal structures, children will develop better spatialperception and sense of modeling skills.CREATIVITY & CONCENTRATION- This product can help improve a child's imagination and creativity. The brain activity associated with constructing different animals helps children to develop strong concentration skills.
?Patented Click 'N Turn joint system
?Modular interactive toy set
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