Skip Hop - Skip Hop Zoo Plate Ladybug

Every kid is a little different about food, but most start out their culinary life with a few food aversions. Perhaps it's peas, or carrots; fish, or beef; items that are yellow, or items that are red. Or perhaps your kid just doesn't like when his food touches other food. That kid - and other kids who need a little coaxing to eat healthy meals - will benefit from the Skip Hop Ladybug Zoo Plate ! This adorable melamine plate has a look that will be irresistible for kids, and it keeps assorted foodstuffs separated, so picky kids can handle their food one category at a time. The Skip Hop Ladybug Zoo Plate is an 8.25 square with rounded corners, and a 1 depressed center in the shape of a friendly ladybug in pink, red, white, and black, matching the other Zoo Plates and the popular Skip Hop Zoo Packs . The shallow compartments are easy for small children to reach into to get at finger food. Read More

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