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Dr. Aiden Krone is a former professor of Applied Physics at MIT, notorious for his unrivaled brilliance and obsession with Thermod...ynamics, Advanced Propulsion and Quantum Electrodynamics (QED). Despite his increasing tendencies to demand control and secrecy, he became the founder and lead physicist of a classified Time Travel research program. Over a decade later, Krone's program had successfully developed the world's first time-traveling suit technology. However, as the program's equally secretive decision-makers demanded this technology be adapted for military applications, Krone's feelings of self-entitlement and anger grew. He secretly desired a new existence, a new world where his scientific endeavors could be shaped and experienced without outside interference. The combination of Krone's mind and his suit technology gave him the ability to create and control another existence an existence where a man of science could finally operate without restrictions and do so within a place where science itself was properly respected regardless of the effects on humanity. It is now up to you to trace Krone's last known appearances and stop his tyrannical rule over Alpha District. In a twisted world where scientific accomplishments reign, it's up to you to don the Beta Suit and master time to become the ultimate weapon. Read More

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Life can get kind of rough when you can't even trust the ground beneath your feet. It's hard to stay cool when things heat up. is back and he's nuttier than ever. Help him and your other favorite Ice Age 2 characters escape the biggest flood in prehistory in this exciting action-adventure based on the movie Ice Age 2: The Meltdown. With Nintendo Wii's exclusive technology, this game is as hot as it is cool. Swim, splash and scurry your way through the amazing worlds of the movie, as well as new worlds exclusive to the game. Shake and swing your Wii Remote as you battle enemies of all types and sizes. Discover plenty of fun, laughter and surprises along the way. Then, get your paws dirty as you master several exciting mini games, such as Sid's Slippery Sloth Slide Challenge. If you want to survive the Ice Age, you can't slip up. Read More

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SynopsisAs the Night of Eternal Darkness approaches, Spyro is haunted by recurring visions of an impending evil. He must master po...werful new abilities on an epic quest to find the Well of Souls and prevent Gaul, the Ape King, from resurrecting the Dark Master. Join Spyro on the next chapter in his journey to find the True Dragon within, featuring the voice talents of Elijah Wood, Billy West and Gary Oldman. In the second installment of the epic Legend of Spyro trilogy, the Ape King arrives at the Temple of Souls in effort to resurrect the Dark Master and usher in a new age of darkness. Spyro must unlock the secrets behind a series of strange visions that he is having and find the power to defeat this terrifying new force. The Eternal Night features an added degree of exploration and puzzle solving challenging Spyro to use his new powers not just to blast through enemies, but also to uncover secrets and navigate through challenging environments. Read More

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