Seventh Generation Seventh Generation Free and Clear Training Pants (Select Size)


The same eco-friendly, pure materials that make Seventh Generation diapers appear in these Free and Clear training pants. The easy open sides and leak guards encourage a positive training experience.

Potty training's a big step for your little one. Free and Clear Training pants keep those little slips from becoming big deals while your toddler learns to take control. Designed to be kind to little bottoms with no fragrances, latex, petro...leum-based lotions or chlorine processing. Diaper Size: 4T?5TDiaper Weight Range: 38+ lbs: Leak Guards, Hypoallergenic, Easy Open SidesMaterial: PlasticSafety and Security Features: Chlorine-free, Latex-free, Fragrance-freesee shipping and returnsguest rating overall4 of 5 stars Value4 of 5 stars Quality4 of 5 stars Durable4.5 of 5 stars see guest reviews Read More

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