Serious Puzzles 6 Color Mirror Cube - Puzzle Cube

It might look like just a slightly altered version of a 3x3x3 cube (with 3 different size rows, it is certainly unique from a typical puzzle cube of such dimensions) but start twisting and watch the Mirror Cube design deconstruct from a cub...e to some very odd and un-cube-like shapes. The mechanisms are offset from center, allowing this puzzle cube to turn in some mindbending ways, and thats not even the end! Now that its been twisted and turned from its cube state, its your responsibility to put it back with each face aligned to only one color. Mirror Cubes were originally all one color, a reflective silver, but the fundamental aspect of a Mirror Cube is in the construction not the color or reflectiveness. This version actually intensifies the challenge because the sides are now distinguishable in regards to their original and correct position. Read More

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