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Science Wiz
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Science Wiz Chemistry Plus Experiment Kit Learn about The Alphabet of the Universe with Real Chemistry Experiments you can do. Inc...ludes a full-color 48 page instruction book and materials. Pop hydrogen. Search for naked protons. Measure the pH of liquids. Flame test alkali metals. Grow giant crystals. Explore noble gases. Use an exothermal reaction to form a hand cast. Acid test chalk. Learn about electrons and protons. Authored Penny Norman, Ph.D. For children ages 8 and up with adult supervision. Recommended Ages:8 ? 15 Dimensions: 8.12in length x 1.5in width x 10.5in height Weight: 1lb Read More

Science Wiz
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With Rocks Science Kit by Science Wiz you will enjoy 25 activities while you manipulate the oldest objects of the planet - rocks. ...Discover just how old is OLD and how the earth's amazing history is recorded in the rocks with Rocks Science Kit! Identify, break and display volcanic rocks, layer your own sedimentary rocks, acid test rocks - dissolve and fizz, shatter metamorphic rocks, test if all rocks have the same hardness, and scratch, smooth and tumble rocks. Check out ALL our starter science kits! Read More

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