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Kohinoor Pens

$22.77 at MisterArt

This Disposable Plotter Pen Fibertip-Style . mm - Black, manufacturered by Koh-I-Noor, is listed with an MPN of 6401-01F. - version of the refillable liquidink pen offers the same high quality plots with none of the mess or maintenance. - The DPP is a two-part system comprised of the nib and a pre-filled ink cartridge. - Four different styles of ink cartridge are available to enable work on all of the major plotters. - Inks are permanent, archival, pigmented systems. - Fibertip-Style for Hewlett Packard and compatible plotters. - A one-piece pen with a bonded fiber, or nylon plotting tip. - Excellent for area-fill applications and overhead transparencies. - Line widths gradually widen during use. - Ink can be used on either paper or water-reactive overhead transparency film. - Pen point: Fine 0. mm. - 5-pack. - Ink color: Black. Read More

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