Schleich Schleich Wolverine Toy Figure

A wolverine can weigh up to 20 kg and may grow to 45 cm in height. With its 15 cm tail it can measure up to 1 m in length. Its forehead and cheeks and a broad stripe from the shoulders to the base of the tail are yellowish white in colour. ...The rest of the coat is brown. Since the wolverine moves slowly and very noisily, almost blundering, in summer it is not capable of living from hunted prey, instead eating carrion and berries. In the winter on the other hand the wolverine can barely be heard on the snow-covered ground. It has a great advantage over other large animals because, thanks to its broad feet, it hardly sinks into the snow at all. At this time of year its diet contains a wide range of prey animals. Read More

DC Comics
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Based on the art of Dustin Nguyen! The characters of Gotham City get an adorable make-over in the newest figures from DC Collectib...les! Based on the designs by the fan-favorite artist and co-writer of BATMAN: LI'L GOTHAM comes Batman, Robin, The Joker and Harley Quinn like you've never seen them before. Figures stand between 2.75" and 4" tall. Each figure sold separately. Read More

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From MEDICOM Toy. Based on this summer's highly-anticipated new The Amazing Spider-Man 2 film, Medicom's Amazing Spider-Man Miracl...e Action Figure is the most dynamic and detailed 6" figure on the market! This figure recreates Andrew Garfield in his costume from the new film and expands on the Asia-only MAF EX release in a new deluxe set. Accessories include a magnetized wall for Spidey to climb on, an additional "unmasked" Peter Parker head, bullhorn, manhole cover, skateboard and cell phone accessories and webbing to wrap up every member of the Sinister Six! Read More

DC Comics
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Surprise! Based on the designs of the 3rd installment of the Batman: Arkham video game series, here's the Clown Prince of Crime! T...he Batman Arkham Origins Series 1 Joker Action Figure stands about 6 4/5-inches tall, with his appearance based on the early days before the events of applauded video games Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. Ages 14 and up. Read More

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DC Universe Young Justice Figure Collection: Based on Cartoon Networks hit new animated series, Young Justice. Young Justice is an... animated series featuring a group of teenage superheroes who are members of a covert team and aspire to be members of the Justice League. This collection of highly detailed, 4.25 inch figures includes the most popular characters from the Warner Bros. series. Like the other DC Universe collector figures, the DC Universe Young Justice figures are sculpted and designed by the prestigious Four Horsemen Studios. Each figure includes a piece of the Collect-and-Connect Hall of Justice, which will give fans a great new way to display their collections. Released in three waves of four figures, a total of 12 figures will be available for fall 2011. Collect them all. Each figure sold separately. Read More

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Gotham City?s biggest heroes face off with infamous villains right out of the package! This 7 figure super showdown contains infi...nite ways to play out good versus evil. Including two versions of our hero Batman, in iconic blue and grey Batsuit with bladed gloves and cowl, and an exclusive red and silver omni-powerful Azrael Batman with expanded wing span and enhanced combat force, he?s ready for extreme action in every situation. Robin - his peerless sidekick - wears signature green and red suit with vibrant gold cape, utility belt and hard-kicking boots. Super archer Green Arrow is militia fierce in an all green suit and mask, wielding his power bow and arrows. Our heroes battle three different villains including The Joker, super soldier Deathstroke and an oversized shape-shifting mutant Clayface. Like Azrael Batman, Clayface is also exclusive to this pack. Three included weapons enhance the fight, force and fun of this 7-pack. Loaded with so many DC Super Heroes and vicious villains, this Gotham City Showdown will excite all Batman fans and make a captivating, unique gift. Ages 3 and older. Read More

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Batman The Dark Knight Rises QuickTek Armor Figure Collection: Based on the hit new Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. The ultima...te Gotham City good-versus-evil super hero saga continues in Batman, The Dark Knight Rises. Newly designed QuickTek places even more action back in figures with special snap-and-slide armor and accessories. To transform Batman from The Caped Crusader to armored protector of the peace, simply slide down the included case over the figure and lift it back up to reveal Batman with specialized accessories. Just like in the movie, fans will find a wide array of villain-deterrent defenses, gadgets and armor only Batman possesses. Criminals beware. A must for Batman fans - kids and collectors alike. Read More

Play Imaginative
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From Play Imaginative. From Marvel Studios' blockbuster film Iron Man 2 come four new 1/12-scale super alloy figures of Ivan Vanko...'s Assault Drones. Based on the CGI files created by Marvel Studios, these figures of the Air Assault Drone, the Ground Assault Drone, the Sea Assault Drone, and the Tactical Assault Drone all stand roughly 6 1/2" tall. Read More

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These vinyl figures love justice and snacks. One of 3 figures in the Uglydoll DC Comics Collection. Check out Ice-Bat as Batman an...d Babo as Superman. Read More

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