Sassy Sassy Toy, 6+ Months, 1 toy

Plays music! Inspire fascination. Paint free! Safe for mouthing. Develop fine motor skills. At 6+ months baby begins to: manipulate, explore and investigate objects; pull, bang, shake and play actively; see a full rainbow of color. Baby's View 6+ Months: Babies' vision has matured; she is now able to see finer details including tonal colors. Sensation Station: A manipulation; Unique textures, shapes and materials for baby to explore and differentiate; Musical bug engages the concept of cause and effect. Interaction Idea: Place the Sensation Station in front of baby and show him how it rotates. Help him spin the musical bug to hear fun sounds watch baby explore on his own. Developmental Insight: By 6 months of age babies who have explored an object with their hands alone also can recognize it by sight alone. This product contains non-replaceable batteries. Remember all babies are unique and develop at their own pace. If you have any questions or concerns about your baby's development, you should always consult your healthcare provider. CE listed. Made in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China. Directions: Clean and wet suction base before applying. Keep Clean: Wipe clean with a soft, damp cloth; Do not immerse in water. Read More

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