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Graco Video Baby Monitors

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Graco 1778833 Features: -Monitor. -Operates on a frequency of 2.4 GHz for an ultra clear digital connection. -Real-time digital provides clear, up-close views of baby for your added peace of mind. -Child unit battery back-up ensures that you will not lose contact with baby due to a power outage. -1000 ft. video range allows you to move about your home and the surrounding area while keeping an eye on baby. -The high resolution, 2.4-inch color video screen gives you a clear visual of baby while remaining extremely portable. -Camera features built-in vision modes so you can keep tabs on baby visually, during the day and even in total darkness. -Low battery alarm reminds you when the parent unit needs to be charged, so you wont lose power unexpectedly. -Sleek, compact flip design makes it ultra-portable and wearable, so it can be easily carried around the house with you. -Belt clip gives active parents wear-it-anywhere convenience. -Exclusive Graco vibration notification technology allows you to feel your baby's call when you cant hear it. -Clock feature on parent unit for quick reference. Read More

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<div class="aplus"> <div class='leftImage' style='width:350px'> <img src='' ><div class="imageCaption">You?ll enjoy optimal clarity and privacy with this digital video baby monitor.<br>View larger</div></div> <div class='leftImage' style='width:350px'> <img src='' ><div class="imageCaption">True Focus has real-time digital zoom, so you can get a close-up picture of your baby.<br>View larger</div></div> <div class='leftImage' style='width:350px'> <img src='' ><div class="imageCaption">You?ll feel baby?s call, thanks to patented vibration notification. <br>View larger</div></div> <h4>Graco True Focus Digital Video Monitor</h4> <h5>Secure Digital Technology</h5> <p>Graco?s True Focus Digital Video Monitor provides new parents (just like you!) with peace of mind, so that there is always a clear, private connection with baby. The advanced, secure digital technology means that you will enjoy optimal clarity, performance and privacy ? you?ll hear and see your baby wherever you are around the home. </p> <h5>Interference Free</h5> <p>The True Focus Digital Video Monitor operates on the 2.4 GHZ frequency, which means that you won?t have any interference from household electronics. No matter if you?re using a microwave, home phone, mobile phone or running the vacuum, your monitor will work with a clear signal. </p> <h5>In Living Color</h5> <p>This terrific digital baby monitor features a high-resolution screen for superior color video viewing. Plus, the screen is large ? 2.4 inches ? so you?ll always be able to check in on baby. </p> <h5>Ready for a Close Up</h5> <p>Sometimes you want a closer look at baby, and True Focus Digital Video Monitor can help. Thanks to the real-time digital zoom, you can get a clear, up-close view of your little one, even when you?re in another room.</p> <h5>Good Vibe & Lights</h5> <p>There are times when it?s not convenient to have the volume turned up on your parent?s unit. However, thanks to the built-in sound lights and exclusive vibration, you can always see, hear and feel baby?s call. Sound lights intensify the louder baby calls, so that you?ll have a visual cue and exclusive vibration alerts you. </p> <h5>Time! </h5> <p>As a parent, you know your baby is on a schedule. So, you?ll love how convenient the clock on the parent unit is. It allows you to always have a quick reference on time, so you can keep your little one on the right schedule for her. </p> <h5>Battery Backup</h5> <p>You?ll love knowing that your child?s monitor unit always has enough power, thanks to the child unit battery backup. The peace of mind that comes from knowing you can have a connection to your child is comforting to new moms and dads ? just like you! </p> <h5>Night Vision</h5> <p>Regardless of the light in your child?s room ? from bright daylight to dark nighttime ? you?ll be able to have a clear picture of your child. The built-in vision modes mean that you can see baby during the day or in total darkness. </p> <h5>Charge Up</h5> <p>Never get caught without power on your parent unit, thanks to the low battery alarm that alerts you that it?s time to charge up. </p> <h5>Long Range</h5> <p>Stay in touch with baby and keep an eye on her no matter where you are at home. The 1000 foot range allows for complete household coverage. </p> <h5>Clip It</h5> <p>As a parent, you know that you often have your hands full ? so, the True Focus Digital Video Monitor has a convenient belt clip. It gives you wear-it-anywhere convenience, so you can have a hands-free connection to your child. </p> <h5>Key Features: </h5> <ul> <li>Clock feature on parent unit for quick reference</li> <li>Child unit battery backup for added peace of mind</li> <li>Built-in vision modes for seeing baby during the day and in total darkness</li> <li>Low battery alarm reminds you to charge the parent unit</li> <li>1000 ft. range for complete household coverage</li> <li>Belt clip gives active parents wear-it-anywhere convenience</li> </ul> </div> Read More

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