Regal Lager Diaper Dekor Plus Biodegradable Refill - 2 ct

Diaper Dekor Plus Biodegradable Refill - 2 pk Packaging May Vary Please note: Diaper Dekor has recently changed their packaging so the product you receive may not be as pictured. The products themselves will remain the same. Do not require ...UV, light or air in order to break down. Do meet the anaerobic plastic protocol for plastic degrading in anaerobic biodegradation in a landfill, ASTM 5511-94 Do not produce or leave behind toxic residue harmful to living organisms in land or water Are like a normal plastic with no moisture, heat, or water issues. Changing the Diaper Dekor refill is quick and easy. Just pull out the refill cartridge, slip a refill over, and replace the cartridge in the pail. Pull down the refill, tie a knot, and youre done! Recommended Age: For use with the Diaper Dekor Plus Pail Features:Are recyclable and have unlimited shelf-life Each refill/bag liner holds up to 240 diapers Green Color6 Pack Note:Not available for sale in California Read More

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