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Read the story, decorate the giant Cinderella doll poster with lots of beautiful reusable stickers, then stick her on your wall!<B...R><BR>Disney?s beloved princess Cinderella is the focus of this enchanting storybook, which comes with a giant Cinderella figure to decorate and hang on the wall. <BR><BR>In this original story, Cinderella is celebrating her birthday with the Prince, and he has hidden her gift, leaving clues for her to follow. <BR><BR>As they read, girls can decorate the beautiful Cinderella figure with over 75 reusable stickers?bows, ribbons, gems, and animal friends. At nearly 2-1/2 feet tall, she makes a dramatic wall decoration that girls will treasure. Adhesive strips on the back make it easy to stick on the wall. Read More

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This self-contained, shrink-wrapped set with 24-page flipbook, 3 press-out dolls, and 20 vinyl cling dresses and accessories has e...verything girls need to spend time with Barbie and her friends. And the wardrobe that stores all the fun doubles as a stage and runway with a double-sided playscene!<BR><BR>Barbie Always in Style playset comes with three thick press-out dolls, 20 vinyl cling dresses and accessories, a double-sided playscene and a storybook. The wardrobe stands up and has a fold-down stage where girls can put on a fashion show and a rock concert using the dolls.<b></b><BR><BR>This flipbook storybook has two original stories?one a fashion-focused story about Barbie and her friends finding their own unique styles, and the other about discovering musical inspiration everywhere!<BR><BR>In <i>A Good Cause</i>, the girls clean out their closets for charity and both discover and reinforce their own styles in the process. In <i>The New Song</i>, the girls are invited to perform at the school event, and have to write a new song for the concert! Read More

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Now the best-selling <i>Guess Who, Elmo!</i> is available in a bilingual Spanish/English edition!<BR><BR>Plenty of biligual guess-...who fun and adventure awaits your <i>Sesame Street</i> fans in this highly-engaging activity book. Read the character clues in English and Spanish to guess which of Elmo's friends is hiding behind each flap. Complete the story with a surprise pop-up in the end! Read More

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Join the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in a fabulous new adventure in this storybook that features a wind-up skateboard toy to use ...with press-out figures of the Turtles.<BR><BR>Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael are back to save the day with their ninja moves and adventurous spirit. This pack includes a book with two episode-based stories a wind-up skateboard toy. Stickers and a sheet of punch-out pieces is included to make Turtle figures that actually ride on the skateboard. For more fun, kids can personalize the skateboard with the included stickers. Read More

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Kids won?t be able to resist shaking the maracas on cue as they read this engaging book. Includes a link for three free tune downl...oads for more maraca fun!<BR><BR>Dora loves to shake, shake, shake her maracas and kids can join in with the two maracas that come with this book! As they read, kids are prompted in the story to shake their maracas. For more maraca fun, there are instructions inside for parents to download three free tunes to their computer or mobile device. Time to get shakin?! Read More

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Just like adults, kids need easy ways to recall stuff-especially now, when they don't even have to remember a phone number because... their cell phones remember it for them. And just like the bestselling <i>i before e (except after c)</i> for adults, this book is jammed with easy-to-use tricks for remembering lots of stuff-especially stuff they need to know for school. Through entertaining (and often silly) examples, kids will learn to remember everything they need to know about: <BR><ul> <li>The Earth-including fun facts about geography, geology, and the weather- and the sky -revolving around planets, stars, atmosphere, and so on</li> <li>Reading and writing-covering everything from the smallest punctuation mark to the prickliest words to spell to the trickiest grammar to the grandest figure of speech</li> <li>The mysteries of history-from Way Before You Were Born (ancient history) to the most recent American history facts every kid needs to memorize</li> <li>Math and music-a surprising, but logical combination that examines cool ways to remember numbers, times tables, calculations, and musical notations</li></ul><BR>Kids will like learning fun ways to remember stuff and will <i>love</i> getting the good grades that follow. Read More

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<i>An Apple a Day Keeps the Low Marks Away!</i><BR><BR>Have you ever been excited to find out you knew something the other kids in... your class didn't? Then just think about how you would feel if you knew hundreds of fascinating tidbits-on everything from art, literature, and history to geography, science, and math-from just one quick-and-easy read crammed with fun and cool stuff you shouldn't have to wait to find out about. With <i>I Wish I Knew That</i> you will speed through science, whiz through history, and take a dip into the classic Greek and Roman myths in no time at all. Inside, learn all about...<BR><ul> <li>Classic Reads: A guide to classic children's literature such as Call of The Wild, Anne of Green Gables, The Wind in The Willows, Little Women and Shakespeare.</li> <li>How Land is Shaped and Changed: Erosion, Glaciers, Volcanoes and the world's tallest mountain, largest sea, and longest river.</li> <li>Math Stuff: Jump Into Geometry by learning that the three points of a triangle, whose angles always add up to 180 make measuring more precise.</li> <li>Science at a Glance: The Periodic table which was invented by Dmitri Mendeleyev and beginners' Biology</li> <li>History Stuff: Early explorers, important wars, all the Presidents and British Kings and Queens as well as the names of the countries and their capital cities.</li> <li>Bonus sections include Poet's Corner, Brief History of Music, The World Of Art and Geological Time, In Brief</li></ul><BR>With <i>I Wish I Knew That</i> you'll boost your general knowledge and jump to the head of the class! Read More

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