Reach Reach By Design Soft Value Pack Adult Toothbrushes 2 ea

New! Stylishly Clean Cleaning Tip ~ cleans behind back teeth to keep your dental professional happy Plaque-Blasting Center Bristles ~ get between teeth and tell plaque to scram Sweeping Outer Bristles ~ cleans behind back teeth to keep your... dental professional happy Signature Angled Neck ~ cleans those Hard to Reach PlacesŪ Limited edition designs that reflect your style on a brush that's clinically proven to remove over 95% of plaque between teeth. Remembering to change your brush every 3 months has never been easier - just look for our new designs! Toothbrush design and related names and logos are the trademarks of Dr. Fresh, LLC. 1-866-REACHTB Made in Germany *Actual product styling and colors may vary. Read More

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