Ravensburger Taipei 101 Tower 3D Puzzle, 216-Piece

"Taipei 101"is the nickname for the 101-story Taipei Financial Center in Taiwan's capital. At 508 m (1667 ft), it is one of the world's highest buildings and is considered to be a unique architectural monument due to various different influ...ences on its construction: To protect the tenants from negative energy, it was built according to the traditional teachings of Feng-Shui and giant lucky coins decorate the facade. Its pagoda style construction also stems from Chinese tradition. The jade green tower resembles a bamboo stalk to give the building its amazing stability. This strength enables it to withstand 4 typhoons annually and it is also located in one of the most active earthquake regions of the world. Therefore, in order to counteract the fluctuations of the earth's movements, Taipei 101 has the largest tuned mass dampener pendulum in the world: a 660 tonne (728 ton) gold plated steel ball, hung from thick steel cables. It can be admired from the panorama-restaurants if you can drag yourself away from the breath-taking views from an elevation of almost 400 m (1,312 ft). Read More

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