Ravensburger Start 11! Family Game

For number lovers, the Start 11! Board game from Ravensburger is an exciting game of chance and strategy. Lucky number 11 starts the game, and ...the youngest player gets the first go. From there, players build a network of tiles, sequencing tile placement based on the numbers previous players have set down. The first player to place their last tile wins!

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A Strategy Game for the Whole Family

A game of numbers, Start 11! is a great game night board game that can be played at a relaxed pace or in exciting speed rounds as players become familiar with the ins and outs of the board. Suitable for ages eight and up, this is a great game to play with children who are just becoming more advanced with numbers, as well as a stimulating game for adults who like a challenge. Luck of the draw combined with strategy makes this an intellectual game that still leaves some outcomes up to chance.

Versatile Play Options

Thanks to the many possibilities, you can bring this game to a babysitting job to make playtime more educational as easily as you can play it with roommates or older members of the family. Plus, a variation of the game (described on the last page of the rule booklet) has players incorporate special symbol tiles in the bag before players draw tiles. This option gives players a fun new alternative to try once they've mastered the original version, keeping play fresh and challenging. Couples will love that this game can be played with just two players. And kids will love that the youngest player gets to go first.

Strategy Game for Number Lovers

This building-block game has players create a grid of numbers and, with the alternative game variation, shapes. Depending on the number of players, players take either 15 or 20 tiles and place up to 3 on the board with each turn. The first player with a lucky number 11 tile starts the game--and the first try goes to the youngest player. Number 11 tiles can always be placed on the board. Other tiles must always be placed next to a tile that is already on display on the part of the game board with the corresponding number and one of four colors, represented by the four colored shape cards placed on either end of each row. Gray cards are wild and can be placed in any of the rows. Game rules allow players to place tiles in a joining area and in bridge fields. This is where strategy comes in, as players must keep a close eye on the game board to seize these opportunities during their turn. The game ends when a player places his or her last tile. The remaining players then subtract points for each tile left in their tile holders according to the number value on the tile, so second, third, and fourth place can be determined.

About Ravensburger

Ravensburger has been connecting generations for generations. A family company since 1883, Ravensburger offers high-quality, age-appropriate games, puzzles, arts and crafts, and science activity kits that foster enjoyment, education, and family togetherness. Ravensburger's innovative games are high in educational value, spurring interaction. Many of their games can be learned quickly, so even younger children have a good chance at beating the grownups. They have been awarded numerous awards over the years, including the Parents? Choice Gold Award for three games in their Imagine-Play-Discover series, the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award for Electronic Labyrinth and the Family Fun Toy of the Year award for Whoowasit? and Funny Bunny.

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What's in the Box?

Start 11! Board Game with game board, 64 number tiles, 16 wild tiles, 8 symbol tiles, 2 replacement tiles, 4 tile holders, cloth bag, and detailed instructions.

Start 11! At-a-Glance
  • A numbers game for adults and kids ages eight and up
  • Suitable for two to four players
  • Combines strategy and chance
  • Alternative game variation keeps play fresh
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