Ravensburger Saint Malo Strategy Game

Can you build the most prosperous city and keep it safe from pirates? Roll the dice and then strategically choose what to draw on your erasable game board. Will it be a market place or houses; a nobleman or a soldier? Easy to learn and fun ...to play. A combination of strategy and luck of the dice. Read More

FoxMind Games
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This wildly popular abstract strategy game is loosely based on sumo wrestling. Push 6 of your opponent's marbles off of the playin...g surface to win, but you must have a numerical advantage. It takes a minute to learn, and a lifetime to master. Read More

Are You Game
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This classic two-player game has been played for some 3000 years. Your goal is to strategically reduce your opponent down from nin...e marbles to only two. Constructed of solid oak and beautiful glass marbles, it's an attractive accent to any dcor. Read More

Kettler International, Inc
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Make your chess set complete with the Kettler Giant gameboard. These 64 resin squares snap together in a breeze to allow for quick... assembly & dismantling. The perfect game boardfor backyards, schools & recreation centers, country clubs, resorts, cruise ships or any other place that has room for giant fun! Pieces sold separately. Read More

$23.28 at Walmart.com

Pyramix, the three sided strategy game, presents an interesting strategic tension between present and future actions. Do you pull ...out a high-scoring cube early or go for ankhs with the hopes that it will yield big rewards at the end of the game?Contents include 56 cubes, base tray, rules of play, rules in SpanishTry out different strategies and see if you can triangulate your way to a winCreated by Tim Roediger Read More

Melissa & Doug
$34.99 at Stage Stores

Young children will enjoy this as a counting game, while two to four older players will enjoy it for the strategy. Our heirloom qu...ality version of this classic seafaring game has a latching wooden box that features a transparent, shatterproof top and flipping wooden number tiles. It includes two dice, a convenient storage pouch and a detailed instruction booklet. Read More

Goblin Army Games
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Monolith first announced under the title Order of Professional Sorcerers (OOPS) is a fast-paced and confrontational worker placeme...nt game.To set up, the game board is seeded with five Starting Rune cards, six Rune cards at random, and one randomly-drawn Fate card. One player starts with the Primus Token (and randomly determines the starting Round 1 card), while all other players receive one Skill card or one gem.Players then take turns placing or socketing one die at a time onto a Rune card of their choice, yielding Skill and Power cards, gems or victory points, and they can even attack other players. After all dice have been placed, the cards on the board are resolved in sequential order. As each die is removed, the effect of that placement is resolved. This sequence makes for exciting combinations and rewards strategic play.All resources of the game are finite, so players need to play carefully in order to avoid wasting placements. The game ends after five rounds or immediately if any player reaches Victory on the Score Track. Read More

Wood Expressions
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We are still fascinated with ancient Egyptian civilization. There are many unanswered questions that still perplex the scientists ...and engineers of today's world. You have a chance to relive the life of Egyptian royalty, and play Senet, the favorite game of the pharaohs. There were ancient Senet games found in King Tutankhamon's tomb. It's very likely that King Tut played Senet during his short life. Over the centuries, the Senet game evolved into Backgammon - another game of chance and strategy. Read More

Blue Orange Games
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From the Blue Orange line of premium games, Gobblet is an award-winning strategy game that will keep families busy and entertained.... To play the game, players work to be the first to get 4 gobblets in a line, but that's not all. The pieces are different sizes and larger pieces can gobble up your opponent's smaller pieces to overtake the board. And if all the pieces have been used and no one has won? Start playing with the pieces on the board, but be careful - you'll need to remember which smaller pieces are underneath the larger ones. We love the beautiful construction of this game and how it comes with a storage case to stash all those pieces. Like many of Blue Orange's toys, this game is made of smooth, solid wood which makes it durable, pleasing to the touch, and ultimately biodegradable. To make things even better, Blue Orange is committed to planting two trees for every tree they use to make their European-inspired toys. We are big fans. Read More

Pywacket Games
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Cromlet Cromlet -- a little luck, a little strategy and a whole lot of fun. A unique game design where no one is the clear winner ...until the very last move. Cards are played, crowns are laid, Cromlets are claimed and dead cards often remain. Sounds easy, but wait, replacement cards may be drawn, wild cards may cause a spoil, and a player's strategy may cause turmoil. Players never know when a Cromlet will be claimed and timing is everything in this game. Suddenly a player claims their maximum number of Cromlets, and their strategy switches to blocking other player's moves. Players will try to foil each other's moves. Enter into the mix six wild cards that may be played at any time, along with the rule that occasionally forces a player to claim a Cromlet with a low point value, and you have a very fun, strategic and interactive game called Cromlet. Contents include 1 game board, 170 colored crowns, 138 playing cards, 1 score pad, and illustrated instructions. Read More

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he king encourages all barons to expand their domains as new land is conquered. To gain favor in his eyes, each baron must show hi...s worth by constructing buildings and thus increase the splendor of the kingdom, or by supporting the king in the war with military units. With the king's eyes fixed on the frontlines, he probably wouldn't notice your sharp elbow in your neighbour's side... right? Read More

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Love to splash the cash? Indulge in a property shopping spree with the classic version of MONOPOLY! Buy streets, houses and hotels... and become a respected real-estate mogul. Negotiate and haggle your way to the top. You'll own this town in no time! Go for the hottest, priciest, most exclusive addresses on the board and watch yourself profits rocket. Wanna be a MONOPOLY millionaire? READY, SET... OWN! Read More

$31.95 at Brilliant Puzzles

This is an awarded game where each of the 16 pieces has 4 different attributes. The aim is to line up 4 pieces which share the sam...e attribute. The problem is you can't choose which piece you're going to play your opponent chooses for you. Recognized as one of the top games of the past 30 years, Quarto is an outstanding game of deductive reasoning. It includes 4 x 4 game board and 16 pieces. Each piece has four attributes: color, height, shape and consistency. So each piece is black or white, tall or short, square or round, and hollow or solid. The object is to place the fourth piece in a row where all four pieces have at least one attribute in common. Read More

Wood Expressions
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The game of ancient Africa has expanded: now you can play it with four players! Even better, this set's sturdy wood playing board ...doubles as a storage box for the colorful glass playing pieces. Who would've thought this game could get smarter? Read More

Rio Grande
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DominionYou are a monarch, like your parents before you, a ruler of a small pleasant kingdom of rivers and evergreens. Unlike your... parents, however, you have hopes and dreams. You want a bigger and more pleasant kingdom, with more rivers and a wider variety of trees. You want a Dominion. In all directions lie fiefs, freeholds, and feodums. All are small bits of land, controlled by petty lords and verging on anarchy. You will bring civilization to these people, uniting them under your banner. But wait. It must be something in the air, several other monarchs have had the exact same idea. You must race to get as much of the unclaimed land as possible, fending them off along the way. To do this you will hire minions, construct buildings, spruce up your castle, and fill the coffers of your treasury. Your parents wouldn't be proud, but your grandparents would be delighted.For 2-4 playersTactical card gameTakes about 30 minutes to playLots of expansions available to add depth and complexityQuick to learn, many ways to winProduct Measures: 11.8 x 11.8 x 2.9Recommended Ages: 13 years and up Read More

$31.95 at Brilliant Puzzles

You'll love Quixo Classic. Twenty-five wooden cubes are shifted up and down and side-to-side as players try to line up five diagon...ally, vertically, or horizontally with their own symbol, X or O.Think carefully, every move brings the possibility of inadvertently helping your opponent win. In turn, each player removes a cube from the periphery of the handsome, dark wood board (10 inches in diameter) and replaces it at the end of one of the rows made incomplete by its removal, sliding the remaining four to fill up the empty space. Now the entire row has changed and each player may be one step closer to, or further from winning. Keen strategic and visualization skills are a must. A multi award winning strategy game which is simple to learn but requires skill and strategic thinking to play. For 2 players or 4 players if playing in teams. Recommended for children 6 years and older. Made of wood. Rules available in many languages. Read More

Educational Insights
$22.99 at School Outfitters

Educational Insights' Shapes Up Strategy Game is an exciting, fast-paced strategy game where you grab, mix, and match pieces to wi...n. Players fit shapes together, like a tangram, to cover their boards and form multi-colored squares. Roll the die, and choose the piece it shows you. Adding to the chaotic fun, when players roll a hand symbol, they take a piece from another player's board. The player whose board is filled first and yells Shapes Up, wins. Includes four game boards, 32 large triangles, 32 small triangles, 16 squares, one shape tray, one die, and a timer. For two to four players. Read More

$29.95 at Zoom Puzzles

To the top of the pyramid... This is an awarded game of two players with 15 marbles each. They take turns to make a pyramid. Simpl...e rules allow them to save their marbles. The winner is the player who saves the most marbles and is thus the last to complete the pyramid. With just four rules, this simple but elegant game from France's legendary Gigamic is easy to learn, and each full game of Pylos takes only 10 or 20 minutes to complete. But its simplicity is deceptive. The game recognized by Games Magazine's Top 100, Mensa's Top Five Best Games, the Parents' Choice Gold Awards, and France's Oscar du Jouet and As d'Or falls into that "minutes to learn, a lifetime to master" family of games, like chess or Go. Players stack 1-inch-wide wooden balls (light and dark) on a 9 by 9 inch board to form a pyramid, and whoever places the top ball wins. But clever rules concerning moving and removing the balls will have you second guessing and thinking ahead to formulate the perfect strategy. Read More

Cardinal Industries
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Elegant enough to leave out when you are not playing or want to keep a game displayed for future reference, this chess set has fro...sted and clear chess pieces with a clear glass board. Bonus version with Checkers game. Read More

Square Root
$16.99 $15.29 at Kohl's

With an oak base and glass marbles, this Classic Mill Game is an elegant version of the two-player game. Product Features: Reduce ...your opponent from nine to two marbles to win Product Details: Includes: base & 18 marbles Ages 8 years & up For 2 players Model no. SQ0005 Promotional offers available online at Kohls.com may vary from those offered in Kohl's stores. Read More

Trademark Games
$49.99 at Home Depot

Shop for Outdoors at The Home Depot. Three classic games all in one convenient box. This high quality wood constructed three in on...e game contains game surfaces and pieces for chess, checkers, and backgammon. The game board folds in half for easy storage and features a convenient handle for transport. Read More

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