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Dan Storper and Michael Kraus founded Putumayo World Music in 1993 to introduce people to the music of diverse cultures all across the globe. The company's name comes from the Putumayo River in Columbia, where Storper traveled in the 1970s. "Putumayo," a word from an indigenous I ... Read More ndian language, could be understood to be mean "birth of the river." It also means "heron." The record label is recognized for its upbeat collections of international music. Putumayo also has a line of children's clothing, Putumayo Kids, with fun clothing meant to introduce children to the styles of other cultures. The Putumayo Kids World Playground CD is a compilation of global songs from different people and places around the world. Acoustic Dreamland, also in the kids' line, is a CD of soothing music meant to lull children to sleep and help adults unwind. Putumayo Kids recently started selling educational coloring books and sticker collections. The coloring books feature African, Latin American, and European themes to help kids understand and enjoy different cultures of the world.
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