Purr-Fection Baby Butter the 12 Inch Plush Polar Bear by MJC Purr-fection

Twelve inches of cuddly polar bear fun - that's the best way to describe Baby Butter the 12 Inch Plush Polar Bear by MJC Purr-fection! This stuffed polar bear is made of soft and fuzzy plush fur that is perfect for snuggling. Brown eyes, a ...large black nose, and a big smile give this plush polar bear a delightfully inviting character that is sure to keep smiling faces smiling and to raise spirits that need raised. Baby Butter is always on the look out for cuddle buddies and his softly stuffed body possesses unlimited potential for snuggling. The soft stuffing also makes this polar bear stuffed animal versatile, as he can be easily positioned in a lying down or sitting pose. Our lovable stuffed polar bear is one of many adorable stuffed animals from the MJC Purr-Fection line that is available at StuffedSafari.com. Baby Butter the 12 Inch Plush Polar Bear is made with all new, child safe, synthetic materials and meets or exceeds all U.S. safety standards. Recommended for ages three and up, surface washing is suggested for this polar bear stuffed animal. Read More

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"Mama Gansu is a motherly panda bear that enjoys watching her baby pandas play. This tenderhearted panda features a cozy black and... white plush, soft pillow body, and brown adorable eyes. Her affectionate look begs for a hug. 2 feet 3 inches Gansu Teddy Bear Family" Read More

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"Dont let this innocent black bear fool you, he loves taking picnic baskets when nobody is looking. Baby Smokey is a traditional s...tyle black bear that you would associate with camping. He features a super soft plush, cushy pillow body, precious brown eyes and a smile that is irresistible. 12.5 inches Smokey Teddy Bear Family" Read More

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