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All cultures share the traditional story of Cinderella--even penguin culture!<br><br>Poor Cinderella Penguin is bossed and bullied... by her evil penguin stepsisters as they get dolled up for the Penguin Prince's ball. After they have gone, a penguin tear rolls down Cinderella's cheek. "Suddenly, in a glow of bright blue light, the Great Fairy Penguin appeared before her." And the rest is penguin history."<br><br>A Children's Choice Award winner<br><br>"Lots of fun."--<i>Booklist</i><br><br><br><i>From the Hardcover edition.</i> Read More

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Adapted from the <i>New York Times</i> bestseller <i>Mayflower</i>!<p> After a dangerous journey across the Atlantic, the Mayflowe...r?s passengers were saved from certain destruction with the help of the Natives of the Plymouth region. For fifty years a fragile peace was maintained as Pilgrims and Native Americans learned to work together. But when that trust was broken by the next generation of leaders, a conflict erupted that nearly wiped out Pilgrims and Natives alike. Adapted from the <i>New York Times</i> bestseller <i>Mayflower</i> specifically for younger readers, this edition includes additional maps, artwork, and archival photos.<br><br></p> Read More

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Ever since the Nazis marched into Monique's small French village, terrorizing it, nothing surprises her, until the night Monique e...ncounters -The little ghost? sitting at the end of her bed. She turns out to be a girl named Sevrine, who has been hiding from the Nazis in Monique's basement. Playing after dark, the two become friends, until, in a terrifying moment, they are discovered, sending both of their families into a nighttime flight.Book Details:Format: PaperbackPublication Date: 2/5/2009Pages: 48Reading Level: Age 6 and Up Read More

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For years, Plymouth Rock lived a quiet life. Then in 1741, the people decided to make a fuss because the Pilgrims must have steppe...d on it when they arrived in America. And that's when the adventures began. This entertaining book tells about Plymouth Rock's humble origins before it rose to a place of historic prominence.Book Details:Format: PaperbackPublication Date: 9/28/1998Pages: 32Reading Level: Age 7 and Up Read More

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