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Mr. Hyde by ProSupps So you tried on half of the beast, now it's time to try the other!!! Dr. Jekyll turned you into a beast during your workout BUT what about his alter ego? Mr. Hyde is the evil personality of Dr. Jekyll who will get you t...hrough hell during those heated gym sessions!!! Mr. Hyde by ProSupps is a pre-workout amplifier with added agmatine sulfate. This is one of the most Extreme and effective pre-workouts on the on the PLANET! This Pre-workout is loaded with L-Luecine, proprietary stimulant blends, and the ultimate pump agent Agmatine Sulfate. My. Hyde contains a potent combination of high powered thermogenic compounds. The added Creatine hydrochloride will help with muscle growth and recovery. Mr. Hyde will have you second guessing his alter ago, Dr. Jekyll's, powers! What are the Benefits of Mr. Hyde? -Mind Blowing Pump -Intensity -Endurance -Infused with Agmatine Sulfate -The Ultimate Workout What is the difference between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Although both of these Pre-Workout Read More

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