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While walking on a hillside, an unusual line occurred to Lewis Carroll: "For the Snark was a Boojum, you see." Carroll later incor...porated the phrase into a complete work that became the best-known nonsense poem of all time: "The Hunting of the Snark."<br><br>What could be more of a delight to young readers? Here in one book is Carroll's famed poem with its original illustrations by Henry Holliday, side by side with Martin Gardner's "Snarkteasers" - delightfully puzzling questions like these:<br><br><br>- Can you rearrange the letters of OCEAN to spell something in which one can<br>spend days in the ocean? But if the ocean is frisky, it's risky.<br><br><br>- Seven is certainly an odd number of coats to be wearing. Can you make the<br>number even by crossing out one letter?<br><br><br>- See if you can change one letter of SNAIL to make a word that describes a<br>sound made by certain wild animals. Next, try changing the first<br>two letters of SHARK to one letter and make a four-letter word<br>that describes a sound made by a certain tame animal.<br><br>Young Snark-hunters have been sailing along with that extraordinary sea-going crew in search of a Snark since the poem was first published a century ago. And Martin Gardner's Snarkteasers are sure to make their fantastic voyage more enchanting than ever before. A delightful dividend for Snark fans is the text of another famous Carroll poem, "Jabberwocky," complete with Sir John Tenniel's famous drawings. Read More

Prometheus Books
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The information in this book is presented in a nonjudgmental manner and emphasizes empowering the pregnant teen to seek support an...d utilize the information provided in order to feel comfortable choosing the option that is best for her. The authors emphasize taking responsibility for one's actions and building a positive future. Read More

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