Profile Profile - Dreadnought Guitar Bag - Black

Compatible with most dreadnought guitars For wide-ranging use. 600D cordura construction and 5mm padding Ensure reliable on-the-go protection. Black color Provides a touch of sleek style.

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Mario-themed aesthetic This limited edition 3DS is designed to match the included Mario and Luigi: Dream Team game. The beautiful ...silver exterior is emblazoned with a stylish image of Mario and Luigi. Mario and Luigi: Dream Team game comes preinstalled Mario and Luigi embark on a fun-filled adventure that catapults Mario into an alternate world inside of Luigi's dreams. Additional games sold separately. Nintendo has a long history of delivering beloved game franchises The 3DS allows you to play on the go with Mario and friends, The Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing and more. Glasses-free 3D Game worlds come alive with a sense of depth that doesn't require special glasses. A slider on the side of the unit allows you to adjust the intensity of the 3D effect or turn it off completely. Two-screen gameplay The 3DS features two screens, including one 3D screen and a touch screen with a stylus interface that offers unique gameplay experiences. Bigger screens The 3DS XL features 90% more screen real estate than the original 3DS, giving you a better view into the game worlds you love. The Nintendo eShop is your one-stop digital storefront Expand your game library by purchasing new titles, innovative indie games and retro Nintendo classics without a trip to the store.* Watch TV, movies and more Nintendo Video allows you to download videos and watch them in 3D.* Netflix** and Hulu Plus** also available. Multiple cameras offer an entertaining photography experience Inward-facing camera allows you to take self-portraits, and the outward-facing dual cameras allow you to snap pictures in 3D. Includes a robust photo editing suite. StreetPass links you with other players Exchange data with other 3DS users to play fun minigames, collect digital items or unlock additional features in the games you play. StreetPass can be disabled if you prefer. SpotPass automatically connects you to wireless hotspots Get updates and bonus content for several of your games, even while your 3DS is in sleep mode. Backward compatible with the entire DS family of handhelds The 3DS will play almost all of your old DS games, though they won't display in 3D. 4GB SD card included Store a small amount of games and apps on the included memory card. *Wireless Internet access required. **Subscription required. Apps may need to be downloaded and installed before use. Read More

Electronic Arts
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Includes The Sims 3 and The Sims 3: Seasons Expansion Pack Create highly customized individual Sims, complete with unique physical... appearances, personalities, clothing styles and more Choose from a variety of character traits, including evil, romantic, paranoid or kleptomaniac and more Control your Sims' destinies by pointing them down the path to rock-star fame, a career of crime, world leadership or something entirely different Explore the neighborhood around your Sims' home by sending them to meet friends in the park, go on a date at the bistro, visit a neighbor or even converse with shady characters in the graveyard Get social with your Sims by connecting with friends via instant message and wall posts, plus go online to make movies, download exclusive content and more Delight your Sims with new activities for every changing season, from building an igloo in the winter to carving a pumpkin in the fall too plunging off a diving board under the summer sun Hit up seasonal festivals, where your Sims can get their faces painted, get down on the dance floor, bob for apples and more Soak up the sun to achieve a golden tan, watch out for close bolts of lightning and try not to catch a bothersome cold as the effects of changing weather impact your virtual world Stock up on seasonal items, like holiday decorations, new furniture and tasty recipes to enhance any time of year Outfit your Sims depending on the forecast, choosing from new snow gear, raincoats, Halloween costumes and more Read More

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Limited Edition includes Monarch King and Queen outfit set and a male and female Executioner outfit set, plus three bonus throne r...ooms with Barbarian, Dark Magic and Princess themes Enter a living world of The Sims set in an age of adventure, drama and romance Build up and control a magnificent kingdom, complete with swords, stocks and thrones Select kingdom ambitions, such as improving your people's health, becoming the most enlightened, pursuing fame, conquering other territories or amassing wealth Create and customize Heroes for your kingdom by selecting traits and a fatal flaw for each Hero Embark on epic quests and storylines that vary depending on the Hero Choose your quests to drive the storyline in your kingdom ? good or evil, cruel or kind or romantic or warlike Carry out daily responsibilities, such as healing the sick, trading for exotic goods and forging armor Control a wide range of characters, from kings and queens to knights and wizards, as well as blacksmiths and bards Immerse yourself in the Middle Ages with enhanced graphics, lighting and animations that give characters a warm look and create a painterly approach to the world Read More

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Provides an easy and comfortable way to use your PS Vita's shoulder buttons (PS Vita not included) Fire at will thanks to the over...size action buttons Easily clips on the back of your PS Vita for simple installation that won't damage your system Satin grip finish provides enhanced comfort during extended gaming sessions Officially licensed by Sony Read More

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Pursue record-breaking big game, small game, turkey, upland birds, waterfowl and trophy fish species Live the adventure of real-li...fe scenarios that will have you hunting realistic animals with advanced artificial intelligence Explore more than 50 adventures across top North American hunting and fishing hotspots Create your own trophy buck, customizing its rack, body size and color Enhance your hunting and fishing prowess with integrated tutorials and guided hunting and fishing adventures See your trophy and story featured in Outdoor Life magazine Read More

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