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Prism Health & Skin Care

$175.76 at Sears

Battling Ropes are one of the most effective ways of achieving a total body workout, by combining high-intensity and low-impact mo...vements with a full range of motion in all three planes. Build stamina, gain lean muscle mass, burn fat, and strengthen core muscles. Power Conditioning Rope is 1.5" diameter, Danline/Poly blend. Read More

$29.00 at Sears

The Lateral Resistor teaches athletes to maintain proper body positioning for lateral movements and strengthens the muscles respon...sible for lateral speed. Read More

$32.00 at Sears

Lightweight training tool that easily goes anywhere you go. They are perfect for toning and strength training, stretching, physica...l therapy, Pilates, etc. Read More

$179.32 at Sears

The Smart Stick makes exercise movements more productive, by aligning the body for balanced, optimal range of motion. Weighted for... additional toning and strength. Read More

$75.00 at Sears

Super Strength Bands provide smooth, constant resistance throughout the range of motion. Add assistance or resistance to any routine. Read More

$84.00 at Sears

The Viper 360 Belt Set is a premium speed-belt system that helps athletes improve sprinting, leaping, and directional quickness. P...added waist belt for comfort. Easily switch between resistance and assistance modes. Read More

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