PowerA POWER A Nintendo DS Lite Klassy Klutch - Brown

Female Fashion designed to carry your DS. Features include: ?Officially licensed by Nintendo ?Nintendo compliant for game system safety ?Features full zipper for maximum protection Dimensions: 8in length x 5in width x 1.6in height Weight: 0.2lb

SouthPeak Games
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Think you have what it takes to be the Most Evil? Welcome to Malaria, where every year the 13 great Evil Scientists compete to see... who will win the annual Evil Science Fair! Igor has the chance to be the first Evil Sidekick to win it, but his great monster invention, Eva, has been kidnapped! Can he save her in time? If you do, you may become the most Evil Scientist in the land! Features include: ?Humorous fighting game includes hundreds of different movement combinations and strategies. ?Custom build your own monsters and fight against your friends or the evil scientists of Malaria. Dimensions: 5.5in length x 5in width x 0.75in height Weight: 0.17lb Read More

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Face Racers: Photo Finish FACE KART:PHOTO FINISH (NINTENDO DS) ?Tilt your 3DS like a steering wheel to race your customizable car ...with ease and precision. The unique tilt-steering control system is made easy for everyone to turn, accelerate, break, and reverse. ?Take a photo with the Nintendo 3DS camera and map it to your custom 3D avatars face; Personalize photos with 100 choices ranging from hairstyles, clothing, eyewear and more! ?Select your unique car and customize it to stand out. Choose from different racing attributes, colors, designs and add-ons including spoilers and wheel arches. ?Unlock hidden tracks, race against the clock and prove youre the fastest in multiple game modes including Championship, Quick Race, Arena and more that delivers the ultimate racing experience in various degrees of difficulty that everybody can enjoy. ?Race in over 20 exotic track locations, skid around corners, soar over chasms, and experience intense speed with physics-based racing dynamics. Dimensions: 5.3937in length x 4.8819in width x 0.5905in height Weight: 0.2lb Read More

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It was just an ordinary day in the life of Marker Man, the loveable stick figure, and his pal Doodle Dog. That all ended abruptly,... however, when Doodle went missing without a trace. Guide Marker Man through hundreds of physics based puzzles using your stylus as a creative tool to safely bring Doodle Dog home. Features include: ?Use the touch screen and stylus to draw through 150 challenging physic based puzzles ?draw simple geometric shapes to create machines that help you progress ?collect power ups to help you solve difficult puzzles ?Use logic to progress through themed levels like underwater, outer space, snow and ice ?challenge your skills in three escalating difficulty modes Dimensions: 5.3in length x 4.8in width x 0.55in height Weight: 0.19lb Read More

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Endless hours of card game fun with classics including Blackjack, Texas Hold Em Poker, Klondike Solitaire, Rummy, Hearts and many ...more. Challenge up to 5 computer-controlled opponents. Step-bystep instructions included for those who need to brush up on the rules. Bid your deck to max and take all the tricks in Skat, lay your cards down for a game of Solitaire, or make the bluff of your life in a hand of Poker. You decide the number of opponents. Dimensions: 1in length x 1in width x 1in height Weight: 0.2lb Read More

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In Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, players can play as Alvin and The Chipmunks (Alvin, Simon, Theodore) or The Chipettes ...(Brittany, Jeanette, Eleanor). Musical sparks ignite as they jet around the world, rock the house in 25 concert locations on Wii? and 11 in the Nintendo DS? version, and perform together in the ultimate concert finale. Featuring songs from the Grammy and American Music Award-winning Alvin and The Chipmunks library, the game lets players use the Wii Remote? and Nunchuk or Nintendo DS? stylus to keep the rhythm in the main game and in three mini-games. Players will gain thousands of fans by keeping the band on tempo through songs that grow more challenging and complex. Offering hours of replayability and family fun, Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel provides gamers the freedom to redo their performance in any of the venues with the associated music tracks that feature The Chipmunks, The Chipettes, or a duet with both bands. After beating the game in Normal Mode or breaking six attendance records, Expert Mode will be unlocked offering an even higher level of difficulty. In addition, Jukebox Mode lets players enjoy their favorite unlocked songs while watching music videos, and Multiplayer Party Mode lets them play with up to two friends on Wii? or up to three friends on Nintendo DS? Features include: ?Rock the house in 11 concert locations ?Songs from the Grammy and American Music Award-winning Alvin and The Chipmunks library ?Jukebox Mode lets players enjoy their favorite unlocked songs while watching music videos ?Play with up to three friends Weight: 0.2 lb Read More

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Disney Princess: Enchanting Storybooks Dive into the world of Disney Princess by interacting inside the pages of their enchanting ...storybooks using the uDraw GameTablet for Wii and Nintendo DS. Players wield their stylus like a magic paint brush and bring six Disney Princess legendary tales to life by completing a variety of drawing, coloring and musical activities. Discover a new enchanting world every time you play! Dimensions: 5.4in length x 4.9in width x 0.6in height Read More

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Junpei, a fairly normal college student finds himself involved in a deadly conspiracy that he couldnand#8217;t have possibly imagi...ned. He awakes aboard an old passenger ferry, dazed and confused he stumbles around the room trying to reclaim his memories. First thing he noticed was a number roughly drawn on the cabinand#8217;s doorand#8230; A bright red number 5. Junpeiand#8217;s memory then returned and he remembered what happened right before becoming unconscious! A mysterious person with a gas mask crossed his mind. He remembered the haunting words he spoke, and#8220;Iand#8217;m gonna make you play the gameand#8230; the and#8216;Nonary Gameand#8217;and#8230; the game of life or deathand#8221;. and#8220;Weand#8217;ve decided to call 999 an and#8216;Adventureand#8217; game,and#8221; say Ben Bateman, Localization Editor, Aksys Games, and#8220;but I donand#8217;t really feel thatand#8217;s entirely accurate. 999 is a game that simulates life, or at least it would if your life was about being trapped on a sinking ship and forced to complete a series of incomprehensible puzzles before your practically inevitable death. It is about relationships, and how they will ultimately kill you. There is also some blood, and an ax, so if youand#8217;ve always wanted some blood and an ax in your life, there you go. But what really brings 999 to life are the people who inhabit it. You will learn to care for them; to feel as though you are there and they are your friends, and then they will die because you made the wrong choices. Just like in real life.and#8221; Features include: ?Nine Hours: You only have 9 hours before Junpei and the other 8 kidnapped drown. Numerology, music composition and logic puzzles are just a few of the 32 plus obstacles that stand in the way of their freedom ?Nine Persons: Uncover the mystery surrounding the lives of the 9 captive characters and how their blurry pasts reveal a disturbing future. Help all the characters escape but beware! A wrong decision or careless mistake might put their lives in jeopardy. ?Nine Doors: Each hostage is cursed with a digital watch that displays their special number. These numbers are the keys to unlocking the 9 doors. Explore your surrounding for clues to unlock the next door by picking up and examining objects. ?You must use everything in your environment and personal experience to get out Dimensions: 5.3937in length x 4.8819in width x 0.5905in height Weight: 0.2lb Read More

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Journey through a colorful 2D storybook adventure filled with comedy, discovery and quests Dimensions: 5.9842in length x 4.8819in ...width x 0.6299in height Weight: 0.24lb Read More

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Whats Cooking? with Jamie Oliver walks players through virtual and real-life cooking situations, from shopping to chopping, dressi...ng the dish to serving up meals. The portability of Nintendo DS means Jamie Oliver is with you every step of the way to offer help and inspiration at the supermarket, in the kitchen, on the barbecue or wherever you feel like cooking up a storm. Try your hand at some delicious real cooking with the interactive cookbook, stuffed with 100 original Jamie Oliver recipes, mouth-watering photography by David Loftus of the quality weand#8217;ve come to expect from Jamieand#8217;s books, and featuring voice recognition leaving hands free to concentrate on the cooking. The interactive shopping list automatically saves ingredients from chosen recipes (either Jamie Oliverand#8217;s or your own creations) and organizes them by food type making trips to the supermarket a breeze. You can add any other items you want to the list using the keypad or text recognition. Features include: ?Creative Cooking Mode - Players use hundreds of hand-picked ingredients to create their own dishes. Up to 100 of your own unique recipes can be saved then recreated in the kitchen later and shared with friends and family using the Wi-Fi Connection. ?The cooking games offer fun for everyone with a series of recipe challenges using the stylus to chop, stir and serve in a variety of virtual real-time 3D kitchen settings. ?Challenge your friends and family to a cook-off or beat the clock, all the while keeping quality and taste in mind on your way to becoming a top chef. Dimensions: 4.75in length x 5.25in width x 0.5in height Read More

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Discover a dozen ways to enhance your gaming experience with the Nintendo DS Lite 15-in-1 Everyday Starter Kit, featuring everythi...ng you need to protect, store, charge and clean your game system, games and accessories. Easy As 1-2-3. The convenient carrying case has a zippered pocket on the back for additional storage. On-the-Road. The included Car Charger/Adaptor and Ear Buds turn car time into play time. Plus, the Adaptor is an officially licensed Nintendo accessory, so it wont void your syst Read More

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