Polly Pocket Polly Pocket Wall Party Tree House Playset

Polly Pocket Wall Party Tree House Playset: Whats a day without adventure? Polly and her friends wouldnt know since every day is an adventure, particularly when play moves off the floor and onto the wall! This treehouse play set features sa...fe-for-walls Command strips from 3M to really elevate play; a suction-cup piece-count adds even more upside-down fun! With multiple levels for play, the treehouse has plenty of built-in adventure. Polly doll can travel between floors in the basket lift or use the slide for a quicker move. A trap door can hide Polly doll or her pet, while a satellite space features two hanging sleeping bags for when theres a break in the action! Set includes Polly doll, 2 sleeping bags, kitty and other piece-count. Everyday is an adventure with Polly and friends! Play moves off the floor and onto the wall! Safe-for-walls Command Strips really elevate play Suction cups add even more upside-down fun Includes Polly doll, Command Strips and more Recommended Ages:4 ? 10 Dimensions:10.5in length x 13 in width x 3 in height Read More

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